Friday, November 5, 2010

Maybe I Need Prayer...

I'll keep this short and sweet....

Lately, I've been either witness-to or 'almost'-involved-in strange and/or dangerous traffic situations.  And I do mean strange/dangerous!

  • First, there was the motorcycle driving TOWARD me on a major 4 lane divided highway!  
  • Then, there was the college girl who seemed to believe that if one is going to make an illegal U-turn, one totally has the right-of-way...regardless of how close on-coming traffic may be (like close enough for me to know that "stupid college girl driver" was wearing knock-off Chanel sunglasses).  Did I mention that she also gave me props by signaling that I'm "#1?" 
  • Next was the dufus pair of teenage drivers drag-racing down a busy major city street, swerving around buses no less!
Finally, the straw that made the camel cuss.......(p.s.  I'm the 'camel,' but there're no physical similarities).....

So I stopped at "The Jesus Store" to check out the latest Beth Moore bible study and chat with my Saturday night Christian radio show co-host.  After a very pleasant visit and peaceful browse around the store, I head to the school to pick up my blessed angel-babies (no sarcasm intended......maybe).  

Picture it:  I'm pulling out of the parking lot.  I'm making a left hand turn onto the major roadway.  There's a car behind me pulling out and heading the same direction (to the left, to the left--to quote Beyonce).  All of a sudden, the car behind me guns her engine and is trying to speed around me and PASS me WHILE making this left hand turn!!!!

Being the staunch Christian woman that I am, I promptly speed up, turn to meet her daring stare, and I shout out (never mind that the windows were rolled up), "B!%@H!!!"

That's when I decided two things:  

1st:  Mr. Analytical needs to get a higher paying job.  I'm getting rid of my car, buying another one with a comfy and roomy backseat and darkly tinted windows,  and I'm hiring a driver.....that's gonna require some 'green.'

2nd:  I think I need prayer.


  1. Oh honey, preaching to the choir here. I'm appalled at how bad people are driving these days. It's like people think they don't have to wait their turn in life anymore. What is happening? I swear if I had the money I would definitely be hiring me a driver to save me some road rage every day.

  2. oh, sweet PrissE... stay safe! we need you on this Earth for a while longer!

  3. Ohh my gosh.. I am not sure you don't need to ditch your little red hoopty car and buy a tank. Or a gas guzzling SUV with a big ranchhand bumper and big puppy squasher tires.