Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Today, I spent a large part of the day shopping. Not for anything particular, just browsing around the clothing stores. I was on my last stop of the day. I rode the escalator up to the second floor at a popular department store in the nearby town, right behind a very cute older retired couple. They were sharply dressed in pressed khakis and matching green polo shirts. They were all tucked in with clean sneakers. He was holding her back very gently so she wouldn’t fall off the escalator, and I thought to myself, ‘That is the sweetest thing!’

Later, I was perusing a discount rack (I rarely buy things full price) in the very hippy cool department, when the very same couple walked by. I was holding a very pretty on sale blouse from OneWorld ™ and considering it very carefully, when I hear the old woman say to her husband, ‘Look at these horrible clothes. It’s like circus wear or Halloween costumes.’

She shakes her head in disgust and motions wildly toward the whole department then; they descended the escalator and were out of sight. I stood there, a little puzzled. Do you think she didn’t see me looking at the hippy cool clothes? Or, maybe she didn’t think I would dare purchase a blouse intended for the circus or Halloween? I’m not a small person, and I don’t really blend into any backgrounds very often, so I have to assume she saw me.

Hmmm, I thought to myself. Am I possibly wrong about this blouse?

In true Sassy fashion, I purchased the super cool hippy top and I can’t wait to wear it everywhere important this summer. I sure hope I run into that lady again. I’m going to thank her for the shopping advice.

** Edited to add:

Blog stalkers, I looked for a photo online of the exact blouse I bought, but didn't find it in the same color I purchased.  Here is their website.

I have actually purchased two blouses from this label, and I really enjoy both tops!  Unique, pretty, original and not at all suitable for a Halloween costume.  (Unless you might be dressing up as an example of awesome!)

Monday, March 19, 2012

March Madness!!

(No, not the basketball thing.  Although; I do enjoy watching the teams on TV.)

Block stalkers, please enjoy my current list of insanity.

1. First degree of madness.  Someone actually turned 16.  Keep all your driver’s license comments to yourself.  Good things come to those who wait, and also to those who have to rebuild their truck engine before they can drive it.

2. I survived Spring Break!  Whew!

3. The tornado siren went off in our small town last night.  I had just gone to bed, and I was almost asleep.  I heard the siren and briefly wondered if our house was on fire.  Then, I woke up, and realized what that sound really was, so I jumped out of bed, put on a bra and turned on the television to watch the weather warnings.   

(Yes, my first instinct in times of disaster is to put on a good bra.)  

I don’t think that’s bad advice.  For the record, only Mav was awakened by the siren, there was no tornado but it did rain an awful lot.

4.  I’m not sure how many days of school are left, but I’m certain it’s AT LEAST 25 more days than I can reasonably tolerate.

5. Spring is almost here!  That's some insanity I'm very much looking forward too!

6.  Also on the list of things I'm looking forward too: Rhonda is coming to visit me!! 

#goodtornadobra,  #icanmakeittosummer

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Twenty Minutes as a Responsible Driver

Hello Blog-Stalkers!  I know you are surprised to know that I had a moment of being a responsible driver.  I did not allow road rage to consume me.  I was a wise, non hand-gesturing driver for just over 20 minutes.
Today, driving to town on a busy FM hwy, I had the unfortunate luck to get behind a farm truck pulling a large, very old trailer.  The trailer had no tail gate type device to hold the contents of the trailer INSIDE the trailer, and nothing inside the trailer was tied down.  The trailer was holding a large variety of metal type objects, obviously headed to the junk yard.

This is a dilemma.  I can’t drive too close, or some of that junk is gonna fall out and hit my car, and I can’t pass because the road is very busy and dangerous.  So, I followed behind at a safe distance going WAY below the speed limit.  It wasn’t long before I had quite a line of vehicles behind me.  (Most of them suburbans, but I’m trying not to judge.)

At that moment in time, I had five delightful boys riding with me.  All of them better drivers than myself.  All of them eager to give their driving advice.

“Why are we going so slow?”

“What’s that in that guy’s trailer?”

“Is that a fire hydrant?  Hey!  I think he has an old fire hydrant in the back of that trailer!”  “If it falls out, can we stop and pick it up?”

“Whoa, mom, look at all the cars behind us.”

We’re going so slowly because of that full trailer ahead of us.  None of that stuff is tied down, and it’s about to fall out the back, and I don’t want it to hit my car.  Yes, I think that’s an old fire hydrant and no, we aren’t going to stop and pick it up when it falls out.  I think he’ll know when it falls out.  Yes, I see all those cars behind us.  Don’t look at them; they’re signaling my number one status.

So, onward we go, 5 more miles. 

IN MY MIND: Seriously.  Lady, can’t you see the trailer in front of me.  Being 6 inches from my back bumper isn’t going to speed me up.  I’m already late.  I don’t have anything to lose by going this slow.  In fact, I can keep it up all day. 

Brown suburban turns.

IN MY MIND: Whew!  Glad that’s over. 

Onward we go, 5 more miles.

IN MY MIND:  Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me.  Red suburban, really?  Kind gestures won’t speed me up.  Can’t you see that fire hydrant is about to fall out of that guy’s trailer?  I’m already late.  I don’t have anything to lose by going even more SLOWLY.

Onward we go, 2 more miles.

Finally, I reach my turn.  I enter the turning lane, and make my safe left turn while the truck and trailer go straight ahead.  The red suburban has turned her attention to hand gesturing to the truck now, and doesn’t see the fire hydrant fall out of the back of the trailer.

No joke.

Thank you Karma!

One boy says, “OH MOM!  The fire hydrant fell out of the back of the trailer!  Can we please go back and pick it up?”

Another boy says, “HA! HA!  Did you see that suburban swerve?”

Yet another boy says, “NOW I see how pot holes are made in the new roads. Hmmm… that sorta stinks for the rest of the cars.”

Yes, we were a little late.  Sometimes, when you drive responsibly that happens.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Second-Day Hair...It's a Privilege


It's "Wedding Week" at our house this week!  No, no, no.  Mr. Analytical and I are already hitched...but my little cousin, Christine, is strapping on her own ball & chain this weekend.  And we are all a-buzz with preparations and shopping to get ourselves beautiful for the event!

Did I mention that I am the "Mother of the Ring Princess?"  So off to Kohls I go to find Madame Princess her pearl-beaded slippers to complete her ensemble!

What to my wondering eyes should appear?  THE very shoes I needed!  It's off to the register and back home to slave over laundry much sooner than I anticipated....YAY!...and yay.

Here's a little shopping tip:  standing in the checkout line--patiently waiting your turn...yes.  Patiently--is the BEST place to accidentally overhear conversations that you really shouldn't be hearing...and sometimes wish you could sooooo un-hear!

Two Hippie-Chics standing in front of me brought up the nasty wind storm we had just yesterday:

Hippie-Chic 1--OMG!  Check this out!  After yesterday's wind storm, I can make my hair snow GRASS FLAKES!

Hippie-Chic 2--Girl, you are hilariously presh (precious, I'm guessing)!

PEOPLE!  Second-Day Hair is a privilege.  NOT a necessity!

And it makes me speak in Angry-Hashtag-Language when the privilege is abused.