Thursday, March 8, 2012

Second-Day Hair...It's a Privilege


It's "Wedding Week" at our house this week!  No, no, no.  Mr. Analytical and I are already hitched...but my little cousin, Christine, is strapping on her own ball & chain this weekend.  And we are all a-buzz with preparations and shopping to get ourselves beautiful for the event!

Did I mention that I am the "Mother of the Ring Princess?"  So off to Kohls I go to find Madame Princess her pearl-beaded slippers to complete her ensemble!

What to my wondering eyes should appear?  THE very shoes I needed!  It's off to the register and back home to slave over laundry much sooner than I anticipated....YAY!...and yay.

Here's a little shopping tip:  standing in the checkout line--patiently waiting your turn...yes.  Patiently--is the BEST place to accidentally overhear conversations that you really shouldn't be hearing...and sometimes wish you could sooooo un-hear!

Two Hippie-Chics standing in front of me brought up the nasty wind storm we had just yesterday:

Hippie-Chic 1--OMG!  Check this out!  After yesterday's wind storm, I can make my hair snow GRASS FLAKES!

Hippie-Chic 2--Girl, you are hilariously presh (precious, I'm guessing)!

PEOPLE!  Second-Day Hair is a privilege.  NOT a necessity!

And it makes me speak in Angry-Hashtag-Language when the privilege is abused.


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