Monday, February 28, 2011

That's what they said.

I thought it'd be funny this morning to share some things that people have said to me recently..... for the record, I remained mostly calm in all these examples.

Does this mean I'm maturing? Nah......

Some random child asked:
"Is there anyway I can get some clean underwear before tomorrow?"

Some random teacher was 'asking me for a favor' when she said:
"What are you doing 8th period?"

me: "Going home. I have a conference."

"But, you're being paid for the whole day, right?"

Some random idiot said:
"The birthday party went really well, except Fox just wouldn't stop eating! He ate 5 pieces of pizza!!"

I couldn't control myself (because, you better leave my babies alone), so I asked, "Is that all? What? Did you run out or something? I know these parties are expensive, but the children need to eat."

Finally, I have to share a moment in BFF history. I was wondering out loud to PrissE about what we should wear to an upcoming social event.....

me: "I was thinking hats would be fun. But, I don't even have a hat, and I don't want to turn this into a costume event."

PrissE: "I have hats."

me: "Hats it is!"

See? Sometimes all you need is a 'partner in crime' to make everything all 'normal' again.

Wait..... What's normal again?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Muffins with Mom

Today started out in the best possible way.

Here's the story. Last week, PrissE was all dramatic and serious when she asked me for a 'GIANT' favor. It'd be alright if I said No, because this was a really 'BIG' favor. Twenty-bazillion weird ideas were rolling through my crazy brain! I started getting a little concerned about what PrissE was going to ask me to do!

"Would you be able to go next week to 'Muffins with Mom' at Little's school? I'm gonna be out of town that day, and so is Oma. Little is so disappointed that I can't go. I didn't tell her you'd go! I just thought I'd ask."

Whew! Really? That's it? Sure! I can go!

Then, I started the preparations. I called Little to ask what she was wearing. She said I should wear a flower in my hair. So, I started coordinating outfits that would be appropriate with flowers.

Many a text was sent back and forth in the days leading up to Muffins. I started to get even more excited! I went shopping and bought matching flowers for our hair. I went to bed early the night before, and set my alarm to get up a few minutes early, so I'd have plenty of time to get ready.

The morning of Muffins, I woke up early. I got ready excitedly, changing my outfit no less than THREE (3) times before settling on the right combination of turquoise-flowers-rhinestones-sparkly shoes. I dropped my own boys at school early, so I'd have time to drive to Little's school and park, because Little goes to big town school, where there's more than 15 cars in a real parking lot with actual signs and marked parking spaces.

I parked appropriately and dashed into the school building, got directions to the cafeteria, and eventually found Little. Then, something funny happened. She looked surprised to see me!

"Hey Little! I'm here! Is it too late for muffins?"

She smiled, showed me her classroom, I met her teacher, then hustled down to the cafeteria for the Muffins. Funny enough, Little had already had one round of muffins, but since I was there, she showed me the procedure for getting food, and had a second breakfast.

We selected Muffins, and sat at the table to eat. She was being uncharacteristically quiet and a little weird.(You know, even for Little.) I asked her what was up? She just smiled at me and said, "I've missed you."

OK, could you please put my heart back into my chest now?

I've missed you too Little!

Hug. Hug. Hug. Happy. Happy. Happy.

I took this picture of her.

She took this picture of me.

EVERYONE at school thought I was her Aunt, you know, because we have the same hair color, and have similar sassy characteristics. (Like doing the robot during teacher instruction.) At first, I wanted to tell them all I was her 'big sister' because that's all funny on a new level, and that makes PrissE like 20 years or so older than she really is.

I didn't tell any fibs about how we're related. I just told the truth, 'We're best friends.'

Then, someone said, "Well, you look like you go together."

I guess that's the best thing about me and Little. We go together.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mixing crazy with parenting. One proud moment.

I really like this picture. This is me with Fox. I like it because it hides most all of my jiggly parts and because my sister took it. She did some fancy photo-shopping stuff to it. Anyway, I like it.

I'm super proud. All the boys pulled out all stops and worked really hard this six weeks of school. We've learned some life lessons, and I hope won't make some of the same mistakes again.

I had a brief moment of crazy this morning. In typical Sassy fashion, I didn't save the crazy for just me, I ran up to school and shared the crazy with everyone. Snaps for me. NOT! Anyway, all appropriate apologies and thank yous have been made. Crazy leaks out of me these days, I seem to have lost control of my sanity. Don't worry, I'm pretty sure summer will restore me.

While I'm being all super proud for a moment, I want to risk mixing crazy with a slight chance of embarrassment. I have to share an essay Fox wrote for English class.

Paper not titled

Have you wondered about what the world would be without homeless people? [Mr. Principal] wants to add a new class to the [Jr High School] schedule. I think an architectural class should be added. Having an architectural class would have benefits to the economy like building homes for the needy and homeless, maturing kids with the hard work and responsibilities, and it would come to building 'greener' homes, schools, and buildings. Having an architectural class is the best choice for being added to the schedule.

Building homes for the needy and homeless are some of the many results of having an architectural class. Having homes for half of the homeless people in the US would boost the payment of taxes and the US won't be in debt as much. Another great reason for building homes for the needy and homeless is that more people will live in houses. The people who live in houses have a better chance of getting picked up by the bus to go to school. The more people who go to school means higher education for a better economy. That is one reason for [Jr High School] to have an architectural class.

Maturing kids with hard work can be an awesome reason for having an architectural class. It can be a great reason because kids will learn to build safer building therefore, keeping people safe from natural disasters or fires. It could also make homes better protected from burglary and dropping the theft rate down lower than it was. So picking an architectural class is the way to go.

Having an architectural class would also help make 'greener' schools and buildings. We could learn about building with recycled materials, making less pollution so we are making an environmentally greener buildings. Also, having an architectural class could build self esteem with ourselves for making a 'green' world. Architectural classes would be an awesome choice.

An architectural class is the choice to make to add to the schedule. I think an architectural class is the class to add. Some reasons for adding an architectural class are building homes for the poor, needy and homeless and maturing kids with hard work and it would build 'greener' schools and buildings. I hope you will agree with me to add an architectural class.

At the risk of embarrassing a boy, I had to share. I left everything as he wrote it, only changing some names to protect the innocent. I don't know why he didn't title it. Spell check corrected some spellings or just some typos. That's it.

I wish all you blog stalkers a happy week, with minimal amounts of crazy.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

yard art

On February 13th, the sun came back to West Texas.

My family was going a little stir crazy inside whilst we experienced the coldest winter in 20bazillion years. The Bossman thought up some new yard art, and the boys tilled up the garden. Mav peeled his shirt off so (and I quote), 'I won't be the whitest kid at the pool this year.'

I'm so proud.....

new yard art.

and, forward summer thinking.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Last week, I jumped right up on my soap box, and ranted about 'some things I'm not gonna tolerate anymore!'

I'm happy to say, I've been able to stick to my intolerance for all these days. (Although, our snow melted, so I haven't had the opportunity to push an adult into a snowbank.) I'm still happy about NOT talking to the cruel and unruly.

It's really funny how things work out in a small town. In a relatively short time, several people unknowingly "spilled their collective beans", so the Bossman and I were able to find out details about certain 'private' and 'secret' meetings.

It's so funny. Well, maybe just funny to me.

The Bossman just keeps saying, 'We should have moved to Duncan when we had the chance.'

Well, maybe. Maybe not.

Bottom line.


and, the Bossman never forgets.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Meet some people.

I guess the whole United States is pretty familiar with the freezing cold weather we're having. Brrr.... and double brrrr.... and, my area isn't even the hardest hit.

My friend, Rhonda went to work today. Her delightful husband drove her down treacherous highways, into a snow packed parking lot so she could get to the office. Her kids haven't been to school in three days. Meet Rhonda.

I guess we've been BFF's for over 20 years. Let me just tell you that Rhonda is not authorized to answer any questions about anything that happened back then. We've got a pact, a vault (that peach schnapps can't even open). Name that Seinfeld episode.

You can try all you want. She's tough.

My friend Amy lives in a different place than my friend Rhonda. She's also been frozen into her home for at least three days. No school for her beautiful girls either.

I guess I've been BFF's with Amy for almost 10 years. We've been through some pretty thick and thin times. She's taught me how to run my business, and I've taught her how to take an occasional silly picture.

I guess that makes us about even.

You blog stalkers already know my next BFF. It's the fabulous PrissE. She delights and entertains you on this blog.

I guess I've had PrissE as my BFF for just over 10 years or so. She lives close to me and she helps raise my children. She is gonna keep all my secrets and all I have to do is make sure she gets a 'surprise' 80's prom for her 40th birthday party this August.

Seems like a fair trade.

My next BFF is sweet Wendy! I guess I've been BFF's with Wendy for just over 5 years or so. She keeps me young.

We've teamed up to give our community some of the most fabulous paper crafting classes in the universe! Wendy is gonna have a baby soon! I can't wait to hold that little blessing. I think I've gained about 70 bazillion sympathy pounds during this pregnancy. I hope I lose the baby water weight soon.

I'm feeling like pretty much the most lucky gal in the world because of these BFF's. They are all beautiful inside and out. They are so special to me and I love them all so! I've enjoyed my morning of going through some old photos to find these pictures. It's reminded me of tons more BFF's that I'll have to tell you about another time.

It's also reminded me to take a step back from the blush. (love hindsight!)

I love ending a post with the obvious....

I guess I've never met a hair color I didn't like!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

one of those days...

Yep, ever had one? Me too. Today.

It's made me feel like listing some stuff I'm no longer gonna tolerate.

I might, or I might not use correct punctuation anymore. Because my friend Hector said why be stifled by rules we weren't meant to follow. It could interfere with my (or Hector's or someone else's) right to free expression.


And, so right. Ending marks have long been an enemy to the free spirit.

If I don't like you, I'm not gonna pretend like I do. Look out. I mean it. And, if that means I push an occasional adult into a snow bank. Okay.

If I do like you, I might hug you for no reason. Or, I might make up some reason for us to have an inside joke. I'm not gonna tell anyone else what our joke means. If you also like me, then you might decide to do the right thing. All on your own. We'll see.

There's a good chance I'm going to relate everything that happens in my life to a Seinfeld episode. I'm probably gonna quote that show often, and in out of context ways. Deal.

Or, don't deal. If you chose the don't option, then don't walk with me in the snow.

Or by a pool. Just thinking ahead.

I may never wear pantyhose again. Just because I don't feel like it.

I've decided that because I'm old enough to have friends that are grandparents, I'm no longer obligated for the local rumor mill. Everybody hold on to your slot on the wheel, I'm bailing off.

"I don't like this, and this is what I'm doing with it!" >(toupee out the window)

Quote of the post: "In the depth of winter, I finally realized that within me lay an invincible summer." ~~ Albert Camus

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Winter parenting, 101

First, I'd like to say to all the teachers at my children's school, I'm sorry. I'm so very sorry that you've got to go into that building today and deal with a roomful of children that are hopped up on crazy. Because it's never been this cold here in twenty-bazillion years, and there's ice and it snowed, and all that makes the children go bonkers.

Next, I'd like to say, better YOU than ME. I pay taxes. Get yourselves to my free full time daycare, so I can maintain the level of sanity that I've grown accustomed to.

Don't judge me.

Here's what it looks like from inside my garage looking out, straight at my front porch.

Here's what my backyard looks like. (Picture taken from inside my warm house, looking out the back window.)

Dear children, how do you feel about going to school on this, the coldest day in twenty-bazillion years?

Here's what I said to my friend, Amy, in an email this morning, when she was shocked that we only had a two hour delay. Everything in her area is closed, including the airport.

I know! But, can I be completely honest?!? My idiot children got up, ON THEIR OWN, at regular time, and have been acting like stupid little shits for about an hour and a half, so them going to school is probably going to save their little lives.

But, because LISD closed, the teacher workshops were cancelled, so I don't have
to sub. I only have to get bundled up long enough to drive the 200 yards to
school and drop off my children to a building full of grouchy and mean teachers
who are all over FB this morning complaining about not being cancelled.

Yep! Life is good.

It is bitterly cold, and I worry about this decision to have school, but it's
not up to me. So far, we are blessed to have a working heater and plenty of
blankets! We haven't had any frozen pipes, and we're plugging along as if we
know what to do in the cold.

And, my beautiful husband cleaned out one side of the garage, so my car is safe
and warm inside the garage! yay! yay! yay!!!

Go on children, make mommy proud.

In a cruel twist of irony, I'm being "plan B'd" at this very moment. I've been called to sub for a teacher who is, "taking a personal day, because of the cold."