Monday, February 28, 2011

That's what they said.

I thought it'd be funny this morning to share some things that people have said to me recently..... for the record, I remained mostly calm in all these examples.

Does this mean I'm maturing? Nah......

Some random child asked:
"Is there anyway I can get some clean underwear before tomorrow?"

Some random teacher was 'asking me for a favor' when she said:
"What are you doing 8th period?"

me: "Going home. I have a conference."

"But, you're being paid for the whole day, right?"

Some random idiot said:
"The birthday party went really well, except Fox just wouldn't stop eating! He ate 5 pieces of pizza!!"

I couldn't control myself (because, you better leave my babies alone), so I asked, "Is that all? What? Did you run out or something? I know these parties are expensive, but the children need to eat."

Finally, I have to share a moment in BFF history. I was wondering out loud to PrissE about what we should wear to an upcoming social event.....

me: "I was thinking hats would be fun. But, I don't even have a hat, and I don't want to turn this into a costume event."

PrissE: "I have hats."

me: "Hats it is!"

See? Sometimes all you need is a 'partner in crime' to make everything all 'normal' again.

Wait..... What's normal again?

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