Thursday, February 3, 2011

Meet some people.

I guess the whole United States is pretty familiar with the freezing cold weather we're having. Brrr.... and double brrrr.... and, my area isn't even the hardest hit.

My friend, Rhonda went to work today. Her delightful husband drove her down treacherous highways, into a snow packed parking lot so she could get to the office. Her kids haven't been to school in three days. Meet Rhonda.

I guess we've been BFF's for over 20 years. Let me just tell you that Rhonda is not authorized to answer any questions about anything that happened back then. We've got a pact, a vault (that peach schnapps can't even open). Name that Seinfeld episode.

You can try all you want. She's tough.

My friend Amy lives in a different place than my friend Rhonda. She's also been frozen into her home for at least three days. No school for her beautiful girls either.

I guess I've been BFF's with Amy for almost 10 years. We've been through some pretty thick and thin times. She's taught me how to run my business, and I've taught her how to take an occasional silly picture.

I guess that makes us about even.

You blog stalkers already know my next BFF. It's the fabulous PrissE. She delights and entertains you on this blog.

I guess I've had PrissE as my BFF for just over 10 years or so. She lives close to me and she helps raise my children. She is gonna keep all my secrets and all I have to do is make sure she gets a 'surprise' 80's prom for her 40th birthday party this August.

Seems like a fair trade.

My next BFF is sweet Wendy! I guess I've been BFF's with Wendy for just over 5 years or so. She keeps me young.

We've teamed up to give our community some of the most fabulous paper crafting classes in the universe! Wendy is gonna have a baby soon! I can't wait to hold that little blessing. I think I've gained about 70 bazillion sympathy pounds during this pregnancy. I hope I lose the baby water weight soon.

I'm feeling like pretty much the most lucky gal in the world because of these BFF's. They are all beautiful inside and out. They are so special to me and I love them all so! I've enjoyed my morning of going through some old photos to find these pictures. It's reminded me of tons more BFF's that I'll have to tell you about another time.

It's also reminded me to take a step back from the blush. (love hindsight!)

I love ending a post with the obvious....

I guess I've never met a hair color I didn't like!


  1. And gurl, we gotcher back now and ferever!!! I must say, it's an honor and no temptation of designer shoes or kick-ass matching leg warmers & fingerless gloves could EVAH make me sell you out!


  2. Ahhh..... I love this post! And, thank goodness for you or I'd have a lifetime of boring pictures! Thanks for being my BFF! I can't imagine the past 10 years without you. :)