Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Winter parenting, 101

First, I'd like to say to all the teachers at my children's school, I'm sorry. I'm so very sorry that you've got to go into that building today and deal with a roomful of children that are hopped up on crazy. Because it's never been this cold here in twenty-bazillion years, and there's ice and it snowed, and all that makes the children go bonkers.

Next, I'd like to say, better YOU than ME. I pay taxes. Get yourselves to my free full time daycare, so I can maintain the level of sanity that I've grown accustomed to.

Don't judge me.

Here's what it looks like from inside my garage looking out, straight at my front porch.

Here's what my backyard looks like. (Picture taken from inside my warm house, looking out the back window.)

Dear children, how do you feel about going to school on this, the coldest day in twenty-bazillion years?

Here's what I said to my friend, Amy, in an email this morning, when she was shocked that we only had a two hour delay. Everything in her area is closed, including the airport.

I know! But, can I be completely honest?!? My idiot children got up, ON THEIR OWN, at regular time, and have been acting like stupid little shits for about an hour and a half, so them going to school is probably going to save their little lives.

But, because LISD closed, the teacher workshops were cancelled, so I don't have
to sub. I only have to get bundled up long enough to drive the 200 yards to
school and drop off my children to a building full of grouchy and mean teachers
who are all over FB this morning complaining about not being cancelled.

Yep! Life is good.

It is bitterly cold, and I worry about this decision to have school, but it's
not up to me. So far, we are blessed to have a working heater and plenty of
blankets! We haven't had any frozen pipes, and we're plugging along as if we
know what to do in the cold.

And, my beautiful husband cleaned out one side of the garage, so my car is safe
and warm inside the garage! yay! yay! yay!!!

Go on children, make mommy proud.

In a cruel twist of irony, I'm being "plan B'd" at this very moment. I've been called to sub for a teacher who is, "taking a personal day, because of the cold."


  1. Ha ha ha ha!! I'm laughing again!! Especially about the end part where you got called in! Sorry.... I do feel your pain while I'm sitting here in my nice cozy warm house with the fire blazing.... Oops! Did I say that out loud??

  2. in the interweb world we call that.... pwnt.... look it up on urban dictionary :) Good luck on the rest of this craptastic winter.