Thursday, February 24, 2011

Muffins with Mom

Today started out in the best possible way.

Here's the story. Last week, PrissE was all dramatic and serious when she asked me for a 'GIANT' favor. It'd be alright if I said No, because this was a really 'BIG' favor. Twenty-bazillion weird ideas were rolling through my crazy brain! I started getting a little concerned about what PrissE was going to ask me to do!

"Would you be able to go next week to 'Muffins with Mom' at Little's school? I'm gonna be out of town that day, and so is Oma. Little is so disappointed that I can't go. I didn't tell her you'd go! I just thought I'd ask."

Whew! Really? That's it? Sure! I can go!

Then, I started the preparations. I called Little to ask what she was wearing. She said I should wear a flower in my hair. So, I started coordinating outfits that would be appropriate with flowers.

Many a text was sent back and forth in the days leading up to Muffins. I started to get even more excited! I went shopping and bought matching flowers for our hair. I went to bed early the night before, and set my alarm to get up a few minutes early, so I'd have plenty of time to get ready.

The morning of Muffins, I woke up early. I got ready excitedly, changing my outfit no less than THREE (3) times before settling on the right combination of turquoise-flowers-rhinestones-sparkly shoes. I dropped my own boys at school early, so I'd have time to drive to Little's school and park, because Little goes to big town school, where there's more than 15 cars in a real parking lot with actual signs and marked parking spaces.

I parked appropriately and dashed into the school building, got directions to the cafeteria, and eventually found Little. Then, something funny happened. She looked surprised to see me!

"Hey Little! I'm here! Is it too late for muffins?"

She smiled, showed me her classroom, I met her teacher, then hustled down to the cafeteria for the Muffins. Funny enough, Little had already had one round of muffins, but since I was there, she showed me the procedure for getting food, and had a second breakfast.

We selected Muffins, and sat at the table to eat. She was being uncharacteristically quiet and a little weird.(You know, even for Little.) I asked her what was up? She just smiled at me and said, "I've missed you."

OK, could you please put my heart back into my chest now?

I've missed you too Little!

Hug. Hug. Hug. Happy. Happy. Happy.

I took this picture of her.

She took this picture of me.

EVERYONE at school thought I was her Aunt, you know, because we have the same hair color, and have similar sassy characteristics. (Like doing the robot during teacher instruction.) At first, I wanted to tell them all I was her 'big sister' because that's all funny on a new level, and that makes PrissE like 20 years or so older than she really is.

I didn't tell any fibs about how we're related. I just told the truth, 'We're best friends.'

Then, someone said, "Well, you look like you go together."

I guess that's the best thing about me and Little. We go together.