Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mixing crazy with parenting. One proud moment.

I really like this picture. This is me with Fox. I like it because it hides most all of my jiggly parts and because my sister took it. She did some fancy photo-shopping stuff to it. Anyway, I like it.

I'm super proud. All the boys pulled out all stops and worked really hard this six weeks of school. We've learned some life lessons, and I hope won't make some of the same mistakes again.

I had a brief moment of crazy this morning. In typical Sassy fashion, I didn't save the crazy for just me, I ran up to school and shared the crazy with everyone. Snaps for me. NOT! Anyway, all appropriate apologies and thank yous have been made. Crazy leaks out of me these days, I seem to have lost control of my sanity. Don't worry, I'm pretty sure summer will restore me.

While I'm being all super proud for a moment, I want to risk mixing crazy with a slight chance of embarrassment. I have to share an essay Fox wrote for English class.

Paper not titled

Have you wondered about what the world would be without homeless people? [Mr. Principal] wants to add a new class to the [Jr High School] schedule. I think an architectural class should be added. Having an architectural class would have benefits to the economy like building homes for the needy and homeless, maturing kids with the hard work and responsibilities, and it would come to building 'greener' homes, schools, and buildings. Having an architectural class is the best choice for being added to the schedule.

Building homes for the needy and homeless are some of the many results of having an architectural class. Having homes for half of the homeless people in the US would boost the payment of taxes and the US won't be in debt as much. Another great reason for building homes for the needy and homeless is that more people will live in houses. The people who live in houses have a better chance of getting picked up by the bus to go to school. The more people who go to school means higher education for a better economy. That is one reason for [Jr High School] to have an architectural class.

Maturing kids with hard work can be an awesome reason for having an architectural class. It can be a great reason because kids will learn to build safer building therefore, keeping people safe from natural disasters or fires. It could also make homes better protected from burglary and dropping the theft rate down lower than it was. So picking an architectural class is the way to go.

Having an architectural class would also help make 'greener' schools and buildings. We could learn about building with recycled materials, making less pollution so we are making an environmentally greener buildings. Also, having an architectural class could build self esteem with ourselves for making a 'green' world. Architectural classes would be an awesome choice.

An architectural class is the choice to make to add to the schedule. I think an architectural class is the class to add. Some reasons for adding an architectural class are building homes for the poor, needy and homeless and maturing kids with hard work and it would build 'greener' schools and buildings. I hope you will agree with me to add an architectural class.

At the risk of embarrassing a boy, I had to share. I left everything as he wrote it, only changing some names to protect the innocent. I don't know why he didn't title it. Spell check corrected some spellings or just some typos. That's it.

I wish all you blog stalkers a happy week, with minimal amounts of crazy.

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  1. MAD props to this boy for his forward, community, and global thinking!!! I love how he wants to 'mature kids' to better the future! Now we need for him to develop a system of educating the adults who need maturing!

    Foxy will definitely be a part of the team that solves world hunger and cures cancer. I can't wait till he single-handedly cures stooopid, too!!