Monday, March 19, 2012

March Madness!!

(No, not the basketball thing.  Although; I do enjoy watching the teams on TV.)

Block stalkers, please enjoy my current list of insanity.

1. First degree of madness.  Someone actually turned 16.  Keep all your driver’s license comments to yourself.  Good things come to those who wait, and also to those who have to rebuild their truck engine before they can drive it.

2. I survived Spring Break!  Whew!

3. The tornado siren went off in our small town last night.  I had just gone to bed, and I was almost asleep.  I heard the siren and briefly wondered if our house was on fire.  Then, I woke up, and realized what that sound really was, so I jumped out of bed, put on a bra and turned on the television to watch the weather warnings.   

(Yes, my first instinct in times of disaster is to put on a good bra.)  

I don’t think that’s bad advice.  For the record, only Mav was awakened by the siren, there was no tornado but it did rain an awful lot.

4.  I’m not sure how many days of school are left, but I’m certain it’s AT LEAST 25 more days than I can reasonably tolerate.

5. Spring is almost here!  That's some insanity I'm very much looking forward too!

6.  Also on the list of things I'm looking forward too: Rhonda is coming to visit me!! 

#goodtornadobra,  #icanmakeittosummer

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