Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday Shopping Tip #10

Where are tip #'s 1-9--you ask??  Why is tip #10 first??  10 is my favorite number.  I make it first.  Also, I have no idea what tips 1-9 are 10 has to be first.  Der.

Naturally, it's that joyous holiday time of year when we are all out in the pleasant hustle and bustle of Christmas gift shopping............

Pleasant?  Not so much.

Hustle and bustle?  Every minute!

Of course this is the point where I tell all you blog-stalkers that, when you're out and about doing your shopping, please remember how you'd want to be treated and treat others accordingly.  Do I really need to tell you that?  No.  I don't think so.  But just on the off chance you forget, here's a reminder--BE NICE!  For you, too, may need for the store security's first impression of you to be that of a "nice lady."

Holiday Shopping Tip #10:
Because time is always of the essence--especially when you're trying to cram gift-shopping for your kids in so you'll have time to drop the present by the house and hide it before you pick them up after school--I suggest making your trip through the check out faster and easier by locating your check card BEFORE you have to unload the contents of your oversized couture handbag onto the check out counter and expose your dirty little secret addiction to the yummy, white, no-calorie powder............

Apparently, Christmas is NOT the time of year to "mess with security."  I know this because they told me so.  

But, it's all good....I "look like a nice lady who should probably clean out her purse."  

Hope you look as "nice" as I this Christmas season!!

Oh.  And----IT'S JUST SPLENDA, PEOPLE!!  What's in YOUR wallet??????


  1. hope i am not the only one that finds it a bit weird that you carry around a plastic bag full of splenda.

  2. i love our new holiday design! wurd. purdy.

    and, also..... regarding security.... ajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaj!!!!! did you offer them some sweetner?!?!?

  3. oh, and also? was your flask not in that bag? ajajajajajajajajaj!!!!

    or, how about a plastic tupperware container full of your cat's remains? (the closer)

  4. sadly, the cat didn't get cremated....just mowed down by the park avenue :(. my mom claims she was "blind and confused" and "ran right under the wheel."

    also, i removed my flask ages ago when the school began calling me to impart wisdom to the damn chillren on a "we'll call you, don't call us" basis. apparently, it's a felony to possess a container with jolly juice!! Whatev.