Saturday, December 3, 2011

The jobs must be done. Also? Hum a little tune.

We have a chore chart.

Here at Casa del Sassy, we do not have a full time staff, so as any good parent would do, we make the teenagers work.  Hence.... chore chart.

Every afternoon, I remind the teenagers about the chore chart.

"Who has dishes?"

Giant teenager comes down the hall..... "AWWW, I hate dishes."  (Seven and one half minutes of teenage whining ensues.  Mucho complaining about the chore chart.  An argument regarding fairness.  Etc...)

Then, the most delightful thing.  Giant teenager starts doing the dishes!  Only seconds into his chore, I hear something unexpected.  Giant teenage boy is humming, 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas!'

I love, LOVE to experiment with the human condition, so as soon as dishes are done (really people, about 4 dirty cups and 4 spoons)  I assign giant teenager another task.

"Will you vacuum the hallway for me?  Please?"

(Giant moans of teenage woe ensue.  A few suggestions on who else should run the vacuum.  A request for payment.  Etc....)

Then, it happens again!

Giant teenage boy is vacuuming the hallway and humming, 'Deck the Halls!'

The vacuum cleaner belt broke and instantly the holiday humming spell was broken.  He announced an urgency regarding a pirate game and that was the last of the humming.

For now.

Merry Saturday!

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