Monday, November 28, 2011

Off the Top of My Head. For No Good Reason.

This morning I'm busy finishing up about 900 thousand loads of laundry. I'm not exaggerating. I suddenly thought of some stuff.

 1. Dear underwire in every bra I own,

If you're not strong enough to survive a little sloshing around in a washing machine, then you certainly are not strong enough to survive real life. I'm a mother of teenagers. I go places and do things much more difficult than one brief swishy ride in a washing machine. Toughen up!  And, also? Be cheaper. I need to replace you more often.

2. Something funny happened during the mammogram.

I'm standing, completely topless, boob smashed into a machine, holding my breath and grasping the handle for dear life..... at that exact moment, the mammogram technician complemented my hair.

3.  Happy Monday after Thanksgiving!

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