Friday, November 18, 2011

I'm Melting!

Sometimes, stories are brief...even when they are scientifically related.

It's Science Fair time at this house.  Luckily, this year, Little already knows exactly what experiment she wants to conduct--which really isn't all that new of an occurrence...the girl usually ALWAYS knows what she wants from her life!

What I love about science fair time is that it's not my job to take the lead parenting/monitoring role.  That's not what my academic background supports.....I don't wipe noses, I don't clean up puke, and I don't do science fair.  I only make science fair "pretty."  But, I've been married to a medical professional for almost 18 years, therefore, I am a "doctor-by-proxy"...and, I can pimp out a science fair board better than a Kardashian can trash up a wedding ceremony!

With list in hand, I send my dynamic-scientific-duo to the local Walmarts (it's the only real place one should shop for authentic scientifically related stuff).

Within the hour, the two return with all necessary supplies and a haste to begin:

Little:  Where's Big? (my Big & Little can never enter a room without asking about the other)

Mr. Analytical:  Focus.  Don't worry about him.  Now, what is your question? (you know, because every good science experiment begins with "the question.")

Little (very slowly and clearly so as to be heard by the deaf dad):  Where.  Is.  Big?

Mr. Analytical:  you're fired.

......And so the experiment begins.........

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