Friday, November 4, 2011


Living with teenage boys gives me a whole new perspective.

Exciting news from the Bossman's side of the family! Wedding in April! We couldn't be more excited. Or, could we?

Me: I think Aunt J's wedding will be this April.

Mav: Who's she marrying?

Me: Really? You know, that guy that she's been dating for over 11 years. You swim at his house. Holiday games, parties.... that guy. She's marrying him. You knew that, right? You're not clueless.

Mav: **slow consideration** I might be clueless, but at least I'm not blonde.

(Which is funny on this particular day because I had just returned from the beauty shop for an update of my natural 'blonde' status. Good one, Mav. You got me!)

In response to the April announcement, Fox's only reply was a question.

Fox: Am I gonna have to be an usher again? I don't want to be an usher again.

Me: Why not? You had fun last time.

Fox: Touching all those old people arms freaks me out.

And so, with that..... Congratulations Aunt Joyce and Steve. We can't wait to be blonde and clueless while touching old people arms.

Random, unrelated photograph. Just for laughs.

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  1. ....I AM a natural blonde....but even I knew who she was marrying!! I'm just wondering WHAT TOOK THEM SO LONG!!??!!