Thursday, November 10, 2011

P is for Panties

Wide-eyed. Excited to share. Obviously proud of his vocabulary skills. A very smallish little boy ran to me one afternoon. He began to poke me repeatedly with his pointer finger. (stop poking me!) This is what he said:

Kid: Did that boy just tattle on me? That boy in the blue shirt? Because I didn't say anything bad. And, I wasn't talking to him. And, I thought he was probably tattling on me for saying a bad word. But, it's not a bad word, and I don't want him to tattle on me, because it's a regular word. Not a bad word. I'm not lying. I promise.

I looked at the boy, puzzled. Waited a long time, not really knowing what to say. I wondered if he was tattling on himself or if this was a preemptive strike against the other smallish boy..... curiosity got the best of me.

Me: What did you say?

Kid: P is for panties.

Me: You're right. Don't tell anyone else. Go play.

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