Monday, February 6, 2012

Celebrity Sighting #3!

First, let me just say, No.  I was not hanging out in a bar......for very long.....a girl's gotta eat.  And when the restaurant is full and one has an hour and a half wait for a table--and one is dumb enough to stay and wait it out--one MUST find some place to sit!  So one sits at a vacant bar table....and eats chips and queso......and spies......with her celeb-finding eye.....

CHECK IT OUT!!!  When one spots a celeb, photos must be taken!  The second one was taken by Mr. Analytical--of whom I couldn't be prouder!  He's learned a thing or two from me about photo ops on the DL....and he's not too bad!

I do think it's safe to say, I saw no 9-Irons on the maybe he's safe for a while......

Can you guess who we saw?????


Tiger Woods (in need of a serious brow-waxing)!!!  

Hide ya wife!!


Do you think he's explaining the eccentricities of maneuvering an Escalade around a fire hydrant and an insanely mad golf-club-weilding wife?  

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