Wednesday, March 20, 2013

'Random' is the New Black!

HELLOOOO, Stalkers!  Don't IS a new post, but it maybe the only new one for a while because we are ALL about being RANDOM!

As a result of some recent events involving crazy people, I have come to the conclusion that Random is the New Black.

PrissE's Top 10 Random Rants --

10.  Today I have pedi-chair-hair...but my toes look lovely and it's time to rock the flip flops (the Glass Slipper of the South)!

9.  I'm 41 years old.  I've taught children to spell over the course of a lot of years.  I've 'urned' the privilege to spell creatively when I that, iPhone!

8.  For more people than I realized, 'priorities' are not the 'new black.'

7.  Sometimes, teachers are stoopid (it's my privalige privledge freedom)!

6.  My new favorite bumper sticker is :  EAT RICE.  Potatoes Make Your Butt Big.

5.  Eating party food for lunch and watching the episode of Outlaw Empires about the's what we 'high society' housewives do...when we're not at yoga or all day happy hours.

4.  I was somewhat productive today.  I grocery shopped, wrote this post, and did some research...on 'sizzurp'...but only because I realized that I currently possess the key ingredient!  Maybe Mr. Analytical was right.  Chemistry really isn't my bag...who knew prescription meds made majorly potent mixed drinks!?!?

3.  If I don't text you back between the hours of Noon and 1:00, don't take it personally.  I've decided I'm 'Union.'  I'm only taking my legally afforded lunch break.

2.  I'm righteously thankful that I don't have pregnant-lady-nose.  If you've never been pregnant, you won't get this one...but beware...if you get pregnant, you and W.C. Fields will look like twinkies!

...and my number one random-rant for the day is.......

1.  I FINALLY wrote a post!!!!  GO, ME!  GO, ME!!

Footnote -- 27(because today, we choose randomly)

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