Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'm falling woefully short, as it pertains to my quota of celebrity sightings.

We here at Tales from the Compact (TftC), have a long standing tradition of watching people in public places, for the sole purpose of.... seeing a celebrity look a like. I am not very good at it.

That's all you need to know for background information, as I make this public apology to all our readers, and also, at the same time, beg for PrissE's forgiveness! Because when she learns of how I handled these TWO separate incidents, she's gonna ground me from my crown.... ya'll.... this is serious.

Every summer, I make my annual trek to the stamping homeland. The mother ship. Stampin' UP! convention in Salt Lake City. The trip begins every year at our little town's airport. There's two gates. It's small. So, we rarely fly DIRECTLY to where we're going. There's always a stop or two... or three. I don't mind all that so much, because at the airport, I spend all my free time looking for famous people. I figure, it's the airport, there's gonna be famous people crawling all over that place! I'm always wrong. Until this year.

I arrived at our little airport, to the gate, found Wendy, and we immediately began talking about stamping. It's what we do. In the middle of our stamping conversation, I say, in whisper voice, 'Look! It's Pat Knight!' She didn't even pause our stamping conversation to discretely look over her shoulder to also see Pat Knight! We smile, laugh and begin texting our traveling partners who are at another airport, in a different city. Their text reply? 'Who's Pat Knight?' (Head men's basketball coach at Texas Tech University!! GUNS UP!!)

He was on our plane. Sat two rows in front of us, and I didn't get a cell phone picture of the back of his head. Please forgive me. He wore the sacred red and black, and was friendly to all who spoke to him. I heard nary a cuss word from his lips, and he didn't answer his cell phone obnoxiously. I was proud to be a Red Raider. Wendy and I laughed all the way to the women's restroom in Vegas.

We had an over the top, enjoyable week at Stampin' UP! convention (funny stories for a later blog post.)

Every year, at the end of convention, we make our annual trek back home. We spend our spare time planning classes, events, setting goals, and of course... looking for famous people.

We are happily waiting for our connecting flight in Vegas again. (Las Vegas for those of you looking for flight information on the overhead board thingies at the airport.) When who joins us at the gate but, Kristy Curry! (Head women's basketball coach, Texas Tech University!! GUNS UP!)

She gracefully sits in a waiting chair just three seats down from Wendy! She is perfectly manicured wearing the sacred red and black and carrying the absolute most wonderful Texas Tech carry on bag I ever saw! She is wheeling behind her a very modestly sized rolling bag that fit nicely into the over head container. Her flip flops were even marked with THE DOUBLE T! She is much more lovely and petite in person! We were star struck.

Now, I hold crown in hand, as I say to you... it happened, you're just gonna have to trust me.

**IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER:No cameras were harmed in the telling of these stories. In fact, no cameras were harmed during the actual events of these stories!! Mainly because I forgot to bring them out.

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  1. NO, NO, NO!!!! I've got your text pic of KC....I was even able to identify her!!! i'm sending it asap.

    as for the no-photo-of-pat knight debacle of Convention 2010, there's no excuse. you may not wear your crown for 1 week. don't make me add another week........................