Monday, August 9, 2010

OOPS! I Did It Again.....

People, it is NOT save to text and drive.  That is a matter of fact. my case, on occasion, it's just not safe to think & text!!

I am one of the coolest people I know...this is another matter of fact (not up for discussion).  I love to surround myself, either in person or spirit, with other "coolest people I know".....hence Sassy and I are such magnificent kindred spirits.

Another kindred cool person with whom I stay connected is my rockin' older cousin, Rob (and she's a girl).  One thing she and I have in common that keeps us totally awesome is music!  Not just any music, either.....I'm talking the tunes that made the 70's, 80's & TODAY!!!  Y'all, not only can we sing these tunes like songbirds, but we can even SPEAK in song lyrics!!

How many of these songs and artists can YOU identify from our recent texting conversation???

Me:  Hey gurl!  Kool just rang in and says "Get Down On It!"  Oh, and Lionel said, "Sail On."

Rob:  OMG!  Lionel also said, "Still."

Me:  He also said, "Hello."  Also, Donny wants to be my "Soldier of Love!"  He's got such a "Sacred Emotion" for me!!!

Rob:  Oh, must be "Puppy Love."

Me:  Well, since I'm "Bringing Sexy Back," JT's all "I Wanna Rock Your Body," but Barry, Robin, and Maurice said they're just "Blaming It On The Nights of Broadway!"

Rob:  I think "Saturday Night Fever" has set in!  "Doctor, Doctor Give Me The News!"  I think maybe you stood in the "Purple Rain" too long!!!

Me:  I think we just need a "Vacation."

Rob:  Seriously.  After all, "We Are Family."

Me:  ...and totally "Bootylicious!"  Well, gurl....."It's Time For Me To Fly."  "I'm Leavin' On A Jet Plane."  Don't be sad "When I'm Gone."

Rob:  I thought I felt the "Wind of Change" blowin....I knew I'd be "On my Own Again" soon.  Hey, girl...."Never Surrender!"

Me:  "Knowing Me, Knowing You," we will "Never Surrender!"  

Rob:  "Go Away Little Girl!"

Me:  I'm "Gone!"

So, did y'all get all that?  WHAT'S YOUR FAVE DECADE OF MUSIC???  and.....CAN YOU "SPEAK" IT?????

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  1. I have tried, and tried to come up with a cute comment that includes some song title..... i've got nothing......

    'it's 5 o'clock somewhere.'


    I need an 'escape.'