Monday, August 30, 2010

New sneaks! and, I'm not a basket case!

The first week of school is complete! It was a huge success at our home! If you're new to the blog, or don't really know me, then you don't know what's been happening around here. Let me fill you in.

It was my first week as a high school mom.

At the same time, my two youngest started Jr. High School. Which makes me officially parents of only secondary students!

You've probably noticed that these photos are all taken from the car window, from the drop off line at school. That's right! When your kids get big, they don't want you to walk in with them anymore. That's alright with me.

You might be thinking my kids are too big to pose for 'traditional' first day photos. Well, you'd be wrong! Take a look at this! (New sneaks!!)

I sort of expected to be a basket case on the first day of school. Really? Everything went pretty well. I'll have tons of stories about football, teenagers and nachos later in the season, but for now I think I'll just enjoy a really quiet morning and look forward to game night!


  1. Well, they look awesome in their new sneaks!!

  2. love the new sneaks!! and way to go mom for not being a basket case and just enjoying your new level of motherhood!!

  3. First, I KNOW you're not a basket case when it comes to NOT having to walk the chiren into the building....and second, those boys will NEVAH be too old to pose! Ahahahah!!!!