Thursday, March 10, 2011

How Do We Love You? Let Us Count The Ways! (Happy Valentine's Day!)

Here are the one's I love:

My man and my babies:

My "other family:"

And many, MANY more--I'd put everyone's photo up but the free blog-host said that I was eating up too much storage space with the 7,384 photos on one post and had to "limit" myself.  Whatever.

I digress.

Today, on this day of love, there are seven precious people of whom I have no photos (at least not stored on my machine...and that makes me nervous because that means I've "done something" with very important pics!).  So let me paint a picture for you: 

Kari Rhoads:  How does the Knight family love you?  Let us tell you the ways:  We love you because when my son and his parents were terrified, you knew it.  You didn't let on that you knew it, but you did know it.  You welcomed us all for who we were, you taught our whole family how to be okay in a time of unnerving change, and you truly enjoyed us.  That kind of acceptance can't be faked...that is just who you are no matter whether someone is looking or not.  We love you.

Jamie Green:  How does the Knight family love you?  Let us tell you the ways:  You are kind.  You love something about every person you spend your days with, and you understand that each person is bringing something new to the table every day.  You loved me on (and off of) my schizo-days,  you loved my boy every bouncing-off-the-wall day of the whole year.  You let him be him...and you loved him for it.  That kind of love isn't given because it has to be...that is just the precious heart you have for kids (who, incidentally, you see as "people," too)!  We love you.

Georgia Crume:  How does the Knight family love you?  Let us tell you the ways:  Positively charged.  There's no other way to describe you and why we love you other than to say you are Positively Charged.  Day two:  new boy disobeys teacher in semi-dangerous punch his behavior card.  End of story, no beating of a dead horse, done.  Mom emails you to apologize say--and I quote--"It is really not a problem.  I really think he just wanted to continue the experiment beyond the scope of our lesson.  He's really a great kid and such a pleasure."  I know that's teacher-speak, I spoke it, too.  But, after getting to know you, I believe you truly meant it!!!  That kind of positivity is a choice...and you choose it no matter what each day brings.  We love you.

Sanae Allison, Angela Robinson, Keely Perkins:  How does the Knight family love you?  Let us tell you the ways:  Don't feel slighted, girls, because I've bunched you together.  You know, as do I, that 5th grade is a strange grade for kids--end of elementary/prepping for jr. high.  This is the year when "Tag-Team-Teaching" is SO necessary!  So, I can't very well speak of one of you without speaking of the others.  There you go.  You show such a cohesion in your raising-of-our-children, that it is sometimes difficult to see where one ends and the next begins (by very nature, the definition of "team").  And, notice I say raising, not teaching.  Eight hours a day, five days a bet I'm giving some credit for who my kids choose to be where credit is due.  You ladies deserve some of the accolades when my boy makes good choices.  You teach and behave by example, it only stands to reason that some of his good choices are due to your influence.  We love you because you love us.  You expect our best every day.  You hold us accountable when we don't bring it, and you offer us opportunities to make changes so that we do bring our best.  That kind of understanding of humanity can't be can only be learned through experience.  With that great knowledge comes great responsibility.  You don't take your responsibility lightly...and you hold us to that same standard.  We love you.   

Finally, Christi Kendall:  How does the Knight family love you?  Let us tell you the ways:  You are understanding.  You seemed to know, immediately, that our family may fire on all cylinders, but our cylinders aren't always "normal!"  And you made us feel understood and loved.  You hold us accountable for our actions--not our personalities.  You make it known to us, often, that you embrace our personalities and wouldn't want to change us for anything.  You make us feel special.  Every day.  Somehow.  Without effort.  We know we have a special place in your world.  We know that you don't want to change us, but only to enjoy us.  That kind of affection can't be's just you letting us be us...which is powerful.  We love you.

I can't express all the love my family feels for these above ladies in one blog post.....we love them too much.  But I can tell you, if you can't express this kind of love for your child's teachers, you're missing out.  

In no finer hands could I have placed my children than the hands blessed to teach.   

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