Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Six Degrees of Separation.....

Every good--and healthy--conversation begins like this (right?):

PrissE:  Hey, Sassy!  Does this constitute a "drinking problem??"

Sassy:  No.

PrissE:  WHEW!  I'm keeping bottles...I wanna make a chandelier!  You know, shine some drunken-light on the world!  AJAJAJAJAJAJA (that's 'aahahahahahaha' in Spanish for those who are not bilingual laughers)!  You're Welcome, World.

Sassy:  See!  You're providing a service!  DUH!  WINNING!

PrissE:  Thanks!  It's my 'Tiger Blood-Warlock-ishness.'

Sassy:  I know!  My mind is 'logged-in,'  like the night I made the "Here's Your Vibrating Coaster, Now Go Stand Over There To Wait For Your Table" pager buzz with my mind!

PrissE:  Ajajajajajaja!!!  "Tiger-blood, telepathy, AND wine-bottle chandeliers!"  DUH!  That's WINNING!!!!

Sassy:  Wurd.  Also, next time I get to name something, I'm gonna name it 'Lacedarius.'

PrissE:  I like the name, "Sha-Laundray Isdone."  You know, like "your laundry is done but with the long-a sound at the end of laundray!"  OMG!!!  Ajajajaja!!  It's one of my 'ghetto names' for one of my 'sistah' voices who lives in my head!

Sassy:  Gurl.  Wouldn't it be funny if Lacedarius met and married Sha-Laundray?!

PrissE:  I think they'd name baby #1 "Boniva Bone-Fixa!"  Ajajajajajajja!!!!

Sassy:  fon-et-ikly please....

PrissE:  That's baby #2!!!!!


No.  We did NOT drink all that wine for the wine-bottle chandelier.  We're just that funny.  You're Welcome, World.

1 comment:

  1. Love it! I'm suuuuuUUuuUUuuUuuuure you don't have a drinking problem and just have a love for creating fabulousnesses like wine bottle chandeliers.
    Course....I've also heard people go to some great lengths to make up excuses to cover said drinking problem. ;-)

    Can't wait for pics of the fantastical chandelier!