Monday, June 27, 2011

More Summer Errands, Updated to Include Children

Summer is rolling right along! There's already been a handful of camps completed and one brief and wonderful weekend trip. (Tulsa, I miss you already!)

We have experienced water parks and restaurants. Professional home cooking and the best of some really giant truck stops. In short, we're just about having the times of our lives, even if I can't figure out how to fit in Driver's Ed.

Today's list of errands included a trip to the eye doctor. Annual check ups don't take very long. Jag will be sporting some glasses soon. Dude can't really see very well. The doctor thought that would become an issue when he starts to drive. (Maybe we should say IF he starts to drive. Remember, we haven't signed up for Driver's Ed yet.) Epic parent fail.

We're in the car, deciding what to have for lunch:

Fox: Mom, can you take us to Hooter's for lunch.

Me: No.

Fox: They have a gift shop.

Me: I'm not taking you to Hooter's.

Fox: They don't have any WAITERS. Only WAITRESSES.

Me: I'm not taking you to Hooter's.

Fox: The chicken there is SOOOO good.

Me: I'm not taking you to Hooter's.

Fox: Why Not?

Me: I don't want the Waitresses to get jealous.

(Car fills with teenage boy laughter.)

We enjoyed Chick-fil-a...... and, nobody had to be jealous.

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  1. Now that is funny! And, you are soooo right, those girls might just jump you and try to steal those ta-ta's of yours! ha ha ha