Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Discovery

Fox and Mav just completed their first week at Band Camp. Fox plays the trumpet. There's a few stories about that for a later post.

Mav plays the Alto Saxophone. (Just like I did back in the old days..... Or as I like to call them, the '80's.)

Mav just discovered something EXTREMELY COOL about the saxophone. Not as obvious as the sexy saxophone curves and the wicked cool neck strap. Beyond the attractive 'sucking of the reed' and more smooth than that saxophone sound. At band camp, over half of the Alto players are girls.

(This picture snapped just after the cute one on the right asked him, 'Is that your Mom?')

I can't help it! Blog stalkers... my boys are cute! It's not ALL my fault.

Have you met their dad?

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