Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Movie Review

Luckily, over the past few weeks, I've been able to see a few of the new summer movies. I really enjoy going to the movies, so I thought I'd just share my feelings about some of these movies. Maybe I can help you decide if you want to see these flicks or not.

Mr. Popper's Penguins: Super cute little film. No bad words or nudity. I went with a group of kids, and they commented that Jim Carrey was a little annoying, but all in all a really nice film with a good story. Has a happy ending, which I totally love.

Bad Teacher: Eh. Maybe skip this one. It was alright. It's pretty raunchy with a few scenes that I had to hide my eyes because I don't need to see that stuff. There's a whole lot of F bombs. Justin Timberlake is 'less than' awesome, which totally upset me, because he's PrissE's secret crush. I really thought I'd enjoy this movie, because I usually enjoy a good comedy. The plot line switches quickly and for no apparent reason. Sadly, the bad stuff goes unpunished, which really upsets my sense of justice. I saw this movie with a group of teachers and we all left feeling mostly the same way.

Cars 2: We hauled the family to the drive in for this one! It's pretty cute! The Looney Toones trailer at the beginning was every one's favorite part! This sequel isn't as good as the original, but we still really enjoyed it. Had a lot of laughs and the kids are still saying some of the quotes from the funny parts. This movie makes us really like Larry the Cable Guy, but don't let your short people watch anything else Larry the Cable Guy does on cable TV. His stand up is strictly the adult variety.

X-Men Original: The second feature at the drive in was the new X-Men movie. I'm not sure of the exact title, but it's the one that's supposed to explain how it all got started. WARNING: There's a F bomb in this movie, and that's pretty much the only thing my kids wanted to talk about when it was over. I'm not a X-Man movie person, and I haven't seen the other X-Man movies, so maybe that handicapped me. YAWN. None of the adults in our group could stay awake for this movie. Kevin Bacon is the bad guy, and he's the best part of the movie! Every time I'd wake up, all the characters were still trying to kill Kevin Bacon and I began to beg to the Movie.... please, let Kevin Bacon's character die! Certainly it will be over soon after he's dead.

I soon began envying all the folks that left the drive in after the first show. They were the smart ones, not me. I say skip this X-Man movie.

Here's my disclaimer: These opinions are only MY opinions, and don't reflect any sort of payment of any kind. We bought all our own tickets with our own money, but if the X-Man people want to send me a refund, I'd take it.

Is it X-Man? or X-Men? What do you call the blue girl? Nah.... Never mind. I don't care.

The summer's not over yet! Happy Movie going!

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  1. Well in case you still want to know, it's X-Men and that is Mystique. Yes, I am a HUGE X-Men fan, from way before the movies when it was just a cartoon on Saturday mornings. :)