Monday, July 11, 2011


It's a skill every mom possesses. I'm not always very good at it.


Yesterday afternoon, I amazed even myself.

I was sitting in my newly painted, just short of AmAzing new office finishing up swaps for convention this week. Simultaneously, while also, at the same time I was able to lead two (2) boys in the important packing of the camp bag. One week at camp requires a ton of stuff. All of the stuff is on a list. Neither of my children could stay on the same item of the list, so I ran two different check off lists.

During the important camp bag packing, I also gave verbal instruction on how to appropriately fold. Simultaneously, while also, at the same time giving the second boy instruction on what to write on his 'don't forget' post it note. Then, they switched, and I did the same thing in reverse. (Please keep hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times during this ride.)

Let me sum up all tasks done yesterday afternoon all at the same time:

1. stamp, staple and assemble 40 swaps

2. pack two (2) boys for camp

3. teach them to fold

4. check off two (2) check lists.... in different order.

5. write important post-it notes


Summer isn't for wimps. You may applaud my super power multi-tasking skills.

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  1. you are AWESOME!! way to go Mom! it is truly amazing to think about all the times we have to multi-task and how crazy our lives can really be as moms!