Monday, August 22, 2011

Back to School -- Pros & Cons

Oh yeah, baby. Back to school.

Pro - Back to routine. Back to normal. Back to some body else being cruise director for my busy boys. Blissfully quiet house.

Con - Setting my alarm clock every morning.

Pro - Friday Night Lights! Football fun! Band crazies! Pep rally mania! Blissfully quiet house.

Con - 95% of my laundry will be green/black.

Pro - Coffee meetings with friends. Lunches with friends. Shopping with friends. (Only on the days I'm not enjoying my blissfully quiet house.)

Con - Sub days (a 'con' that I will enjoy this year!) **fingers crossed**

Pro - Did I mention the blissfully quiet house?

Con - Well, that turns into a con at about week 15.

Adios boys! I want all the details when you get home!


  1. I hope the boys have an awesome start to their school year! Enjoy that blissfully quiet house! :)

  2. positively perfect! way to summarize all the pros and cons! love it! hope all had a great first day back to school! and the blissfully quiet house!