Sunday, September 11, 2011

An Anniversary of Reclamation

On Tuesday, September 11, 2001, my dad was still age-eligible for "active recall" into the military should the U.S. Army see fit.  The first question I asked him when I called him that day was, naturally, "Are you okay?" to which he replied, naturally, "Yes.  In udder disbelief, but, yes.  I'm okay."  The second question I asked him--the one he answered without hesitation and still rattles me to the core--was, "Did Colin Powell call?  Do you have to go back?"

My dad's response--after a half-hearted under-his-breath chuckle:  "No.  General Powell didn't call.  I doubt he needs an old pilot with poor eyesight.....but if he did, I'd go back in a heartbeat.  Yep.  I'd sure go back."  

And so begins, from many who share the spirit of "Yep.  I'd sure go back," a time of Reclamation.

Today, we remember, reflect, and reclaim one of the most horrific days in our nation's history--September 11, 2001.

We strive to always remember those who were lost, who sacrificed, and who were left behind.  This is my friend and classmate:
CW2 Scott Jamar

But, knowing Scott, here's how he'd rather we all remember him--a well functioning gear in a well oiled team (he's the second from the right on the front row...kneeling):

Most importantly, though, is the most precious legacy he leaves behind and that defined him:

A Tribute to Storm Flight 557:

On this, our 10th Anniversary, our wounds may not be completely healed.  Our anger not completely quelled.  And our spirit of a nation-united hugely underestimated.  This year, we reclaim our tenacity and our fortitude in an effort to honor those we lost, their families, our country, and the world we welcome to our shores.  This year, our men and women breach the skyline that once was bare, but now clearly represents the resolve of this nation.  

Telling our stories is how we heal and how we honor one another.  We all have a story that connects us, in some way, to the tragic and senseless way our nation was changed on that Tuesday.  
What's your story? 

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