Thursday, September 15, 2011

Up On My Soapbox & It's Not Really Very Funny

Late nights. Raw nerves. High emotions. Three volatile ingredients that fuel this post. Get ready friends, I'm up on my soapbox and it's not very funny. Believe me, because I know what is funny! This. Isn't.

Jag got 'Senior' pranked. I guess the entire school got 'Senior' pranked, but I like to keep this blog mainly about me. Or my family. So, let me just tell you what happened to Jag, from my point of view. Because I'm not going to be allowed to speak to the guilty teenagers. (I've already asked.)

All of his school supplies were stolen (pranked) from his locker. It happened sometime Tuesday night, and they're still looking for everything.

Specifically, he doesn't have any notes, books, spirals, graphs, charts or handouts for Honors English, Geometry, History or Chemistry. The teachers and principal are working right now to get him everything he needs. Everything that was stolen (pranked) from 3 1/2 weeks of school work. Teachers are sacrificing their conference/lunch/personal times to make new copies just for Jag. Thank you responsible grown ups for helping Jag right now.

Here's what was stolen (pranked) from Jag that can't be replaced. His sense of time. His ability to organize. His trust. I'm just sitting here right now wondering how to replace 3 1/2 weeks of time for him. Anyone have any ideas?

He had the immense pleasure of briefly getting in trouble in all his classes yesterday for not being prepared for class. He would explain to the teachers that he didn't forget anything, it was stolen (pranked) from his locker. Everything gone. He explained it about 5 times yesterday. I can't imagine the frustration level yesterday. For everyone.

If I have to replace all of Jag's school supplies, I'll be out some cash. I hope it doesn't come to that.

Here's what I want to say about all this. Theft isn't a prank. Vandalism isn't a prank. Our kids can be arrested, charges filed, jail, probation, scholarships lost. Teenagers please think about it.

Is a Senior Prank really worth it?

Do you really want to be remembered as the kid that lost their scholarship or was denied enrollment in college because of a criminal record? Do you want to explain your criminal record to possible future employers for the rest of your life? Because your 'Senior Prank' was a crime? Really?


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