Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Guess what shoes I'm wearing?

Please, take a moment and gaze on a beautiful sight.

This is PrissE's beautiful foot, in what may be the absolute coolest shoe of the season! PrissE is lucky. Her foot is normal size and shape. My foot? Not so much.

About this time last year, I found this pair of shoes on a website and immediately ordered them. I couldn't believe my luck! Finally, after all these years, big shoe heals with holes in the side have come back into style! I waited anxiously for them to arrive, dreaming of every Sunday morning, when I would wear them to church and show my mother. You see, a few years ago, when I was but a wee teen, I BEGGED, bargained, whined and pleaded for this type of shoe. My mother was stead fast in her denial. I was 'too young' to have a heal that high, it was 'inappropriate' for a girl of my age, I wasn't going to get them, no amount of pleading or begging swayed my mother. I never had a pair of shoes like that as a teen, and yet I never forgot.

Then, one beautiful, sunny day the handsome UPS man brought the box of shoes to my front door! I ripped it open and jammed one on my foot, only to discover.....a nightmare beyond imagination.... my foot is too fat for them.... the pinkie toe, she hung off the side, in between the straps. I have made fun of many a person wearing sandals with a wrong fit, and my friends... pinkie toes hanging off the side cannot be disguised! OH! The agony!!

As it turns out, one person's agony is another person's delight! There are tons of things PrissE and I have in common. Among these things? The same size foot. GREAT! PrissE offers to try them on, and if they fit her, she'll keep them. Guess what? They fit her, and she kept them.... don't get me wrong... she paid me for them, so they are legally HER awesome shoes now. So guess what people.... just because you and your friend both wear a normal size 8, doesn't mean you can both wear the same shoes. PrissE's foot is long and slender.... my foot? More of a square shape.

Every time she wears them, she calls me.... 'Guess what shoes I'm wearing?' I always say, 'Crap, take off my shoes! Damn these fat feet!'

We learn lessons every day. Today's lesson? If your mother says that shoe is inappropriate for your foot, she's probably right, but you NEVER have to admit it!
Wear those shoes PrissE!! Wear them everyday, but if you see my mother, don't tell her I bought them.

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