Sunday, September 27, 2009

ShaZaam!!!! We're ON!

After years of wanting to "write," here I am!!  Hilarity and chaos seem to find me and my family quite readily...but it's only been within the last two years that I've put it all down on "paper."  Between Sassy and me, get ready for anything from a wet-your-pants read to a hug-your-neck support...and may be a little here's-what-you-should-do bossiness!  

Thanks to Mr. Analytical, Sassy and I are up and running.  Thanks to Sassy, and the craziness our two lives intertwined create, I'm realizing one of my life's goals!  I would never have the courage to do this without her!  Bring on The Life!


  1. oh my freakin' gosh!!!!!!! we're writers!!! hahahhahhahahhahahhahhahhahah!!! they'll let anyone work around here! now, we must think of names for my bunch........ great! i'll never sleep now!!!

  2. So, did you see the links I added????? THERE'S A STAMPIN' UP! LINK...AND IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS SO COOL!!!!!!!

    As for names for your bunch, my two always call JW "Coach." Don't know if that's a good name for him on here, but they always call him that. I'm not sure about the oldest yet, but as for the twins, I think Little is the only one in the world who gets those two confused! She's always saying, "the one with the glasses? not the tall one, but the one with the glasses?" that's how she differentiates them...crazy! I think that name is too long...I think they should be "Thing 1 & Thing 2!" AHAHAHAH!!! You could put your "uterus" humor on here!

  3. Yea!!! It's about time you started writing your stories! Way to go!