Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Blog Divided

Oh, Honeeeeey!  I'm Hooooome!!!  That's right, Blog-Stalkers!  PrissE is in the HazzOuse (that's totally cool talk for 'house')!!!

...And let me tell you, it has been a crazy, fun, busy, roller coaster of a month!  In fact, I'm pretty sure that the time's gone by so fast since I was but a mere 38-year-old (because remember? my 39th birthday was only a month ago?) that I'll be a 'Fabulous 40' in less than a year!  Oh.  Wait.  I'm sensing that math isn't computing....

Speaking of my 39th birthday, one of my wonderful presents was a pair of tickets to my favorite sports-event of the whole entire year (Mr. Analytical got a pair of the same tickets for his birthday, too!  2 + 2 = 4!  Betcha didn't know today's post was going to be so arithmetically inundated!?)!!!  Just take a gander at these babies!!

Jealous much????  You know you are!

Well, now we're faced with the fact that we have 4 tickets and 2 grown ups between the 2 of us.....whoever shall we take with us to the most fantastic football game ever??  They've gotta be a couple we have a blast with any time we're together.  They've gotta be tough, too.  It's hot at that game for a while, then it gets cool in the night air....and let's not forget the crowd and dumb drunk fans that give the rest of us elegantly loyal fans a bad rap!  (P.S.  Hey, drunk fan!  Yeah, you.  I got video of you....so you might wanna NOT "throw a boot" just in case you need to run, cuz your mom won't be happy what with all the bad-word-bombs you're dropping and the nasty tobacco spit dripping from your face!)


And check us out!  We aren't even sportin' the same 'fan-fare,' yet here we are, all civilized, cruising around the tail-gating party and getting caught in photo ops!  (Also, notice the random-red-raider-fan...)

When we finally make it to our seats, we're just as marvelously well-behaved as we show kindness to all around us and display our sportsman-like support for our favorite teams!  What a wonderful night was had by all!  Especially all who were wearing the Burnt Orange!  And, thanks for being such AWESOME friends and 'fans in the minority,' Bossman & Sassy!

....On a side note:  Here's another mathematical equation for you (..and no.  it's not about anyone in our 4-some..):  13 Girls (all under the age of 12) + 10 Dads (most of whom were over the age of 35) + 1 Flask (I don't know it's age) + All the Junk Food the Dads would buy (again, not sure of the ages of the food...hopefully not expired!) = ?????????
     *Answer:  2 (maybe 3, depending on how many are on the plane) clogged toilets and extra charges for using excessive numbers of 'airsick' bags on the flight back to Austin!*




  1. what a game!!!!! what a fantastic night!!! we had a blast!! sad outcome for US that night, but there's always next year! GUNS UP!!!! Wreck 'em Tech!!

  2. I am SO learning how to post video on here...because, next time, I'm TOTALLY and FULL-ON outing in a public forum the crazed-dummy in the crowd!!!!