Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Morning Errands with a Former Non-Blonde.

Today's first stop is the oil change place. Easy enough. I pull in and roll my car window down. The guy greets me and asks me a question, 'Mornin', here for an oil change?'

(Okay, I'll play along.)

'You bet! I also need the air in my tires checked. I think these two are low.' (As I point to the two driver's side tires.) Second guy says to me, 'Hey! Did you know these two tires are low?' (I wonder.... is he giving me an unsolicited commentary on my weight? Is PrissE trying to 'punk' me? What's happening?)

(All bets are off now.)

I tell him, 'Yep! I sure did! That's why I came in here! Guess what? Did you know that you're holding an air hose?' Man stands there, grinning, with a puzzled look on his face and says, 'Yes Ma'am.' So I tell him, 'See? It's like destiny has brought us together.... me, with my low tires, and you, with your air hose. See what you can do.'

All the time, I'm thinking to myself.... where's Bill Engval when you need him. (The 'Here's your sign' guy.)

Next stop.... well, all the rest of the stops were pretty uneventful. Boring even. I could make some stuff up to tell you. It might even be slightly funny, but it wouldn't feel real. I'm dedicated to the honesty of today's errands.

That first stop at the oil change place has kept me in a grin all morning long! How much do we love the oil change guys!? Grimy hands, saggy pants, and always big grins on their faces. Sometimes, holding their sign.

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  1. ....and holding their hoses!!!!

    Next time, you should totally fake like you thought you were driving through the Beer Barn!!!! Tell 'em you want whatever that guy holding the hose has on tap!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!