Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Easter Hazing Project

AKA: the dude’s first Easter with us, and he didn’t color eggs….. whatever!

It’s time for all blog stalkers to meet the dude.

Recently, my sister got all engaged and stuff….. to this dude. He’s got this big giant brain that matches up all nicely with my sister’s big giant brain. Dude has flashes of normal about him that are so delightful! I truly, nearly passed out cold when I found out Dude is teaching my sister all about baseball! Don’t tell them, but we think this Dude is pretty fun. For the record, we decided that WAY before we knew he was a big, giant Texas Rangers fan!

EVERY Easter, and I do mean EVERY SINGLE EASTER since I was born, we have colored Easter eggs. No exceptions. Egg coloring is a big deal in our family. So, you can imagine my surprise when we all show up at the appointed egg coloring time to find out that the new Dude isn’t coming.


Alright, initial shock is over, egg coloring begins. Normal stuff is happening…. Fox is coloring all his eggs yellow, AGAIN! Just like he’s done almost every year since the boy was two years old. Task became a little more difficult when Bossman dumped a whole bowl of yellow egg dye on the left leg of my FAVORITE jeans. Luckily, we have multiple bowls of all colors. Score one for Maw-Maw.

I’m not sure how it all happened, but a conversation was started about the Dude. It was decided that for the Dude’s first Easter egg hunt, he would have a crude initiation into the family. A plan was hatched.

The Dude would be required to hunt for the two eggs that have his name on them. Dude would have to do the hunting while blindfolded. Dude’s only helper would be Jag, who would tell him which direction to go using only ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ directions. Which is totally even more funny when you get the background story that Jag doesn’t get what ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ directions even mean, so he’s likely to give them backwards for the first half hour of the blindfolded hunt. Remember, I said it was going to be a crude initiation?

Everyone thought this idea was super great, and we laughed and laughed!

We were all still laughing the next day when Jag presents the Dude with a dirty old handkerchief that he’s expected to use for his blindfold. Tall tales were told…. Many stories exaggerated…. Way more hyperbolic than normal. (At this time, I would like full credit for using my sister’s vocabulary word in a blog post.)

Ha, Ha, Ha! We didn’t blindfold the Dude and make him hunt eggs. However, Dude was the victim of the first aerial confetti egg assault.

Don’t worry Dude, you’re in. Just don’t miss another egg coloring event.

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