Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mom, a list.

Top 10 things I do not like to hear after 10pm (in fact, I might cry.):

1. Mom, do you know where my basketball shoes are?

2. Mom, do you know if my track clothes are clean?

3. Mom, I found my track clothes in the hamper, I need them tomorrow.

4. Mom, I think I left my basketball shoes at school.

5. Mom, how long does it take to type an English essay?

6. Mom, I need to type this English essay by tomorrow.

7. Mom, is tomorrow picture day?

8. Mom, does this finger look jammed to you?

9. Mom, is it alright to do Algebra homework with a blue pen?

10. Mom, do you think this is still good to eat?

Let the countdown to summer begin!


  1. Ha ha ha ha ha!!! Glad to know it doesn't just happen at my house!

  2. My favorite one was always, "oh yeah, mom I almost forgot, I signed you up to make cupcakes for "insert club function here". Oh, and I need them in the morning, before school starts."