Friday, July 16, 2010

All I needed was a rain jacket.

We are excitedly getting all mooches (read, sweet children) ready for their summer camping and backpacking trips. Jag really needs new rain gear. Let my nightmare begin.

Episode 1:
We are happily purchasing the Bossman new shoes for his birthday at our local Academy Sporting Goods store. We're only there for birthday presents, but Jag has conveniently located a rain jacket that zips up into it's own pocket. After what seemed like hours of begging (really, only a few minutes of teen eye rolling), I finally agree to make the purchase.

We arrive home with our purchases, Jag opens up the jacket to only then find out we just purchased a YOUTH LARGE rain jacket. Not the appropriate size for my giant teen boy. No problem though, Mav can use it.

Episode 2:
We are at a different local sporting goods store, Big 5. We are there to specifically purchase rain gear for the backpacking trip. We locate the gear, make our decisions (checking sizes more carefully), make our purchase and happily leave the store for the 25 minute drive back home.

We arrive home to find out that the package marked, rain jacket and pants, sadly only has rain pants in it, so again... no rain jacket.

Later that evening, I return to the Big 5 sporting goods store and cheerfully return the package and request another package with a jacket as well. They are sold out. They refuse to sell me another similar item at the price I already paid. I think it's reasonable for me to request the similar item at the previously purchased price. The sales associate, not so much. We discuss our differences in opinions for only a brief few minutes, and I leave the store with a refund, but no rain gear.

Really? Big 5, Really? You aren't willing to take a $5 cut in price to retain me as a customer? Really? I purchase countless things every month from a sporting goods store... my money is no good anymore? Really? Your loss. At this time, I must recommend none of you ever shop at any Big 5 store. Their customer service is...... well, lacking.

Episode 3:
I am tired and alone as I shop in the darkness of the night at the Target. A rain jacket must be found. Must be purchased. We've run out of options. Delightful blue poncho will work! Yay!

I present my Target purchase to the teen. He looks at me, says nothing.... I say, 'Here's your rain jacket (really it's a poncho.) You can wear it, a trash bag from the cabinet, or get wet. You're 14 now, make your own choice.'

Jag says, 'It's perfect! This will work great! Thanks Mom!'

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  1. Children really do function better in a structured setting with limited choices and all.......

    Can't wait to include a WHOLE chapter dedicated to "sporting goods stores" in my book!!!!