Thursday, July 1, 2010

Did You Know...

The lazy dog-days of summer.......aaaaahhhhh.  Sleeping late, no make-up/hair to do, swim-suits and flip-flops are my primary wardrobe pieces, the most pressing errand I have is to be at the pool by 1:00, and my perfume of choice:  Hawaiian Tropic SPF 12.  This is the life!

But don't let my life of leisure fool you.  The 'ole gray matter' gets quite a workout on a daily basis with a little deep-end-dunk Foxy and I like to call, 'Did You Know.'

These life-changing and intellectually-enhancing facts are brought to you by the Hot Tamales best known as "SPF 150!"  Our IQ's are OFF THE CHARTS, baby!  We are the 'thinkers of today and doers of tomorrow!'.....all while floating on our boogie-boards in the 10ft deep end of the Pool!

Bio & Physical Science:
Foxy:  Did you know that the skin of a grown man weighs about 10 pounds?
PrissE:  Did you know that the human brain weighs approximately 8 pounds?
Foxy:  Did you know that gum was used to treat the flu?

Fox:  Did you know that if a nucleus was the size of an orange, there would 4 miles of empty space?
PrissE:  Did you know that 111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321?  (oh, yeah.  that's from the babe who's too pretty to do math!)

PrissE:  Did you know that all porcupines float?
PrissE:  Did you know that horses can't vomit & pigs can't look up in the sky?

Fox:  Did you know that Santa Anna first invented the flavor spearmint?

Fox:  Did you know that grass has small flowers on it?
PrissE:  Did you know that "trapping flowers" really are carnivores?
Knowledge IS power!!

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