Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer Trauma

It's been raining for two days.

This picture is proof.

I know, we need the rain. It's good for the earth. The farmer. The crops. I get it.

Rain is not good for swimming.

Oddly enough, the rain is not the summer trauma I'm talking about right now. (Well, not the only trauma.)

We've been watching the World Cup. USA lost. They played a great game! We loved every minute of it! We cheered from the couch! We never gave up! Just like team USA! I'm so proud. But, we lost.

To top it off, the 'powers that be' over at Dish Network decided today that the FREE HBO preview would end. No warning. Nothing. Just no more HBO.

Picture this.....

The boys all standing at the front door, watching the rain in their swim suits.... disbelief all over their faces. It rained yesterday mom.... two days of rain? During summer? It's too much. They change into regular clothes and switch on the TV.... long. dramatic. pause....... then hysteria!!!


Trauma always comes in three's.


  1. GLOOM! DESPAIR!! AGONY!!! May the powers-that-be who govern the free HBO always have split ends and gain 4.7 pounds a month until they once again provide free access!!!!

  2. Well, as the True Blood addict that I am, I'll be paying for my HBO until...well forever probably. I understand the boys frustration. I can't live without my HBO!