Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Not every word, you should of heard.

Today, I heard some words. Some words I have heard before, because I'm a grown up, and I've heard some bad stuff in my life. Today, I heard some words come out of a teenager's mouth..... well, it shocked me! Really? It shocked us all! PrissE was stunned!

Some dumb kid (I would totally name him, if I knew him, because I'm sure his mother would like to know all about his words) at the pool today, yelled, hollered, even thought he was hysterical.... some really bad words.

PrissE yelled, 'Hey!! Watch your language!'

I yelled, 'Hey!! There's no reason to talk like that, there are little kids around here!'

Little said, 'I didn't hear the bad words.'

Then, I looked at PrissE, and she asked the dumb kid if he would like to explain to Little's father why she knew those words, and he said no.

Then, the kid swam off.

Yep, it's summer. We're at the pool a lot. Y'all can relax, we're parenting most of your children that have the poor judgement to swim close enough to our chairs to be heard. It's just a matter of safety.

Oh, and a word to the wise.... y'all don't be kickin' PrissE in the nose, it makes her throw up.


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  1. "I HEARD THAT!!!"

    Also, I have super-power-hearing....so don't even think about a bad word, cuz I'll hear the thought!!!!