Monday, June 21, 2010

The General & His Bishops (I mean Cardinals)

So, I'm not very well versed in "ranking" statuses.  I'm sure you noticed that by the title of this post.  My "rank & file" is Queen of the Universe, Self-Proclaimed, Agreed Upon by All.  But, I digress......

With summer in full swing, sadly, it is Big's baseball bat that is no longer swinging.  Baseball season has concluded.  While this is usually a time of year when our family is relieved--mostly because it just gets harder and harder to put on that "you did your job out there and that's all you can do" face when we get our pre-pubescent backsides handed to us on a diamond--this season has proven to be FAR different....although it didn't start off that way!

So as not to bore you with the details of Mr. Analytical "accidentally" signing himself up to coach a sport he's not played in more than 30 years, much less ever coached, and his missing tryouts because he didn't listen to me--which is certainly where he goes wrong a ton of the time--I'll skip right to the Disney-style ending:

Big played on the Cardinals this season.  Coaching Staff:  Mr. Analytical (okay, so I'm snickering just a little right here at the thought of him 'coaching!'), Coach Lisa (a willing accomplice who did whatever needed), Coach Cody (our reason for this season), Coach Keith (impeccable wealth of knowledge that man has), Coach Brad (the kid whisperer--and I really didn't know that there would be more than one of those on this planet, Coach Kip!), and many dads who stepped in anytime they were needed (plus the moms who just can't stay out of the coaches' business--of course that does not include me........).

This was Big's BEST season of baseball EVER!  Our coaching staff was fantastic in every way, the boys on the team played as a team at every game, and they all had a blast!  It helps that they won most of their games, too!  The Cardinals 10U team was 2nd Place in League AND 2nd Place Tournament Winners!  To top it off, Coach Cody took the whole team (minus 2 of our players who were out of town..) to a local restaurant/game place after the tournament for an 'end of season' bash!

But what we parents thought was the creme de la creme, the pies de resistance (you know what I mean, right?), the absolute tops was THIS very moment right here captured on digital imagery:

The General, himself...COACH BOBBY KNIGHT 
with the 

How awesome was that?!  Coach Knight took time away from his evening with what appeared to be family to give us a photo op--for NO money, EVEN!  He even had some parting words of wisdom for the boys:

Coach Knight:  Boys.  Everybody look at me.  Can I tell you something?  Be good students.  NONE of you will EVER play major league baseball, but EVERY ONE of you will need an education!  DON'T BE HALF-ASSED STUDENTS!  Have a good evening.

And with that pearl, the great orator vanished............

Player #1:  Mom.  Did he just say a bad word?
Third Base Back-Up Player Jack:  Who is he anyway?  I've never heard of Bob Knight.
Parents in the room:  .....[wide-eyed, slack-jawed, stunned silent]...................crickets chirping here........


  1. That is awesome!! It made me laugh that Coach Knight said a bad word, didn't throw anything and wasn't recognized by a 10-year old! Pricelesss!!

  2. OMGoodness!! how fantastic!! of course, you explained who 'coach knight' was to the boys right?!? i love it that he spoke the truth to them! truth isn't always cuss word free.... just sayin'....

    props to the general!!

  3. One of my favorite posts to datE!

  4. Geez! Laughed so hard I might need medical attention! Maybe it's my current condition-but I really like the speech!