Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sadness From the "Pit of My Swimming & Tanned Soul"

Vitamin D is a most excellent vitamin!  Probably my most favorite vitamin of all.

Tan is fastly becoming one of my favorite colors...and yes, it's a color, not just a 'neutral' anymore.  It's the color of my luscious sun-kissed skin during the summer time, provided to me by my favorite vitamin of all.

This past Friday (3-days from the date of this photo), I washed my car!  Always within 3 days of washing my car..........................

This week, my vitamin D intake has been sorely interrupted for 2 days!...........
Oh, the GLOOM!  The DISPAIR!  The AGONY!

I know rain is good...I live in a farming region!  But too much is just TOO much!!!

Where's my sunshine?  Where's my precious Vitamin D...my summer life's elixir?!

I'm saddened beyond belief today!  I can't seem to pull myself out of this horrible, sunless, tanless, pool-less quagmire of despair!  Oh the tears I shed today!!

Why did Big & Little have to pick this week to get in trouble and get grounded!?!

I'm stuck inside the house with the misbehaving & restricted children!!!



  1. ajajajajajajajajaj!!! that truth is tooo much!!! ajajajajajajajajajaja!!!

  2. I SOOOOOO agree with your post today! My sister is here and we were planning on pooling it for 2 days.....so distraught it didn't happen!!!!!!