Friday, July 9, 2010

Many Different Things.

Oh yeah, I know it's just another name for random. Deal with it.

Two days ago, my dryer broke. We can still use it, but it never stops, and then burns up clothes. So, we're only using it on clothes we don't like. We're not using it. Tomorrow, I'm getting a new one.

We were driving in the car last week, when out of the clear blue sky, Mav asks a question. 'Mom, if me and Fox would have been born at different hospitals, would we still be twins?'

My friend, Rhonda, from another state, will be in my town on the exact same days I'll be in another state. Not funny.

I got a haircut this week. My only request was to make my hair 'less hot'. It's shorter now.

I'm coordinating 'outfits' for a trip in a couple of weeks. My sister hates 'outfits'. I think that makes me like 'outfits' more. I need more jewelry.

Jag came home last night from a few days with Maw-Maw. His first question to me was, 'Did you get spray tanned?'

The rain makes me sleepy.

Summer is fun!


  1. chlorine promotes all patterns of thought...maybe we've made the children chlorine-toxic, though.......

    but your hair was ROCKIN!

  2. Random things happen all the time. At least we got to see each other, regardless of the circumstances. Plus, we got to laugh!

    Last thing - I love the hair! It makes you look younger. Everyone thinks so!