Friday, January 7, 2011

If Jesus Drove a Motorcycle...

Fridays are my FAVORITE days of the week--well, really it's Fridays at 3:30, to be precise.  This isn't Friday at 3:30, though.  This is a Friday at 1:00ish (in my not too distant past).........and I have completely ROCKED this day!

Up, dressed and ready for the day before 10:00am (really before 7:00am!), I am already feeling super-awesome.  Plus, it's Sonic day for my kids' teachers!  Doing good is just how this day is gonna roll for me, I can already feel it.

In my quest to make this the best "doing good" Friday ever, I stay at my kids' school and volunteer for the entire morning!  I am KILLING this 'good deed' thang!

I have been so fabulous to others this day, I've decided to listen to what Jesus is telling me in my heart: PrissE, my Fabulous PrissE, please take a break and refresh yourself.  On this day of good deeds you deserve a reward.....Starbucks at 1:00 in the afternoon is a most appropriate reward for your selfless giving.  Who am I to argue with my Jesus?!?  I hit the road!!  ..........and the story begins......

There are 3 things on this super-cala-fabulosa Friday that occur to me:

1.  The highway between my kids' school and my Starbucks is NOT terribly busy at 1:00ish on Fridays--at least not on this particular Friday, praise the Lord!!!

2.  It's difficult to be an intelligent woman among stereotypes of stupid female criminals, desperate housewife-type drama queens, and horror movies where the girl always falls when she's running from the killer. For that reason, I have come to the conclusion that some 911 operators might not possess the gift of 'discernment' when interpreting a caller's eye-witness description of a 'situation in progress.'    

3.  Also, it is, apparently, NOT funny to text a photo to your husband of the inside of a state trooper's car with the caption that reads, "Guess where I am??" [smiley face, smiley face]....go figure.        

I will tell you this:  when PrissE calls for back-up, my city sends the Cavalry!  Within mere minutes of my reporting the motorcyclist driving the opposite direction--straight TOWARD me--down a 65mph highway and passing me within only 3-4 feet of my driver's side door (and me convincing the 911 operator that the reason I could be soooo detailed and tell her the exact make/model of the cycle--it was a Ducati!--was because, "Yes!  I DID witness this with my OWN eyes!), the "reinforcements" were screaming towards us--in this order:  3 State Troopers, 1 ambulance, 1 fire truck, 2 city police cruisers AND 1 First Responder vehicle (albeit, I am slightly concerned about the response time of the 'First Responder.'  Mind you, I did just list these in the order in which they arrived...)!

Thankfully--and miraculously--NO ONE was hurt....including the motorcycle driver!  And, because the police were all, "No, Ms. PrissE.  You will not be allowed to interview the cycle driver," I still don't know how in the blue-blazes he managed to enter the wrong side of a divided 4-lane highway and travel at least 1/4 of a mile without a scratch on him!

But I do know this...if Jesus drove a motorcycle, THIS  is the "scooter" He'd ride!!


  1. i remember that day! great re-telling! :)

  2. Actually, I'm pretty sure Jesus would be riding a Harley and would definitely NOT be driving on the wrong side of the road. Jesus is too cool to be riding a crotch rocket. Just sayin'!