Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Things I Hope I Never Have To Say.......Again.

I'm sure your family is just like mine.....well, possibly not "just like" mine...but that's a post for another blog....

I will bet that your family is like mine in that, the holiday get-togethers are a time to reminisce.  Stories are told of past events.  Parents share the accomplishments of their children over the course of the outgoing year. And, if you're brave like I, you even share some of the family "bloopers!"

Often times, those "bloopers" are not so much things we did as they are things we said...and, it's those "bloopers" that really make us giggle and bring us closer together.

Here are just a few of the "did I say that" moments shared at our family gatherings this past holiday season: 

Me giving 'decorating' tips to a friend in regard to a lovely basket she received as a gift from another friend:
"You could put your pot in there!"
I'm almost CERTAIN that I meant her 'potted ivy'........

Mr. Analytical and I went to Denver this past year and had a great time.  One of the things I did to pass the time while he was in lectures, was hang out at the mall.  I love to shop and people-watch.  I even interacted with a few.  This conversation with a fellow mall-crawler, in particular, stood out to me:
"Excuse me, sir....(yes.  I said, "SIR!")  I LOVE your red cocktail dress!  The high neckline and open shoulders make your chest look almost hairless!...and those shoes are GORGEOUS!  The T-Strap TOTALLY covers the dark hair on the top of your foot!"
I searched that whole mall for that pair of shoes!

Sometimes, kids get bored.  When they've been home all day, had no one to play with, they tend to get creative in their quest for "fun."  Mind you, I didn't say any of this....this was alllll Mr. Analytical & Big:
Big:  "Dad.  Can I get on the roof of the house?"  
Mr. A:  "What for?"
Big:  "Just because."
Mr. A:  "Are you gonna be by yourself?"
Big:  "Yes, sir."
Mr. A:  "Sure."
PrissE:  WTH?!

Sometimes, birthday parties for 6-year old girls just don't go as planned............
"Little!  Get OFF that pole!"

I'm sure 2011 will bring no less in the "did I say that out loud" category.....and to Officer Seuss in Copperas Cove, Texas, "Thanks for not throwing me in the clink when I didn't think, before the voice in my head dared me and I said, WHAT?!  NO Ticket for my broken Wicket!"'s possible my next post could come from 'The Big House'.....

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