Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Delightful Days in San Diego!

Hello Friends!

Recently, my husband and I returned from an all expense paid weekend getaway to San Diego!  It was lovely!  I was so fortunate to have earned this trip for two from Stampin' UP! last year.  I'm very grateful to all my friends, family and customers that helped me achieve this fantastic trip, so I thought I would share a few highlights.

Friday, Stampin' UP! treated us all to trolley tickets for a tour of Old Town.  The weather was beautiful, the guide was delightful, and we had so much fun walking around the historic buildings.

This is the husband, posing in front of a giant tree in the town square.  Every plant you see in San Diego has been planted by someone and is watered regularly.  Otherwise, nothing would grow!  It's the dessert!

The Whaley House is said to be the oldest structure built West of the Mississippi.  It was built on top of a graveyard, and because of that, is obviously haunted.  We didn't take the tour.  I'll take their word for it!

Another fun thing about this trip was getting to spend time with old and new friends!  There were a few funny places to pose for pictures.  These are the husbands enjoying the free trip!

These are the demonstrators!

We had such fun in Old Town that day!  Thank You Stampin' UP! for a fantastic weekend getaway!  

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