Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Apparently, I'm an Addict.........

Hello.  My name is PrissE.  And I'm addicted to reality TV.

Hello, PrissE...

Isn't admitting the addiction the "first step?"  I'm sure I could quit anytime I wanted...but I prefer to wait until the seasons' finales.  I choose to quit then.  So, it's really not like I'm completely addicted.  I do quit...for a while...until the next season...

You need to understand, also, that I don't watch each of these shows when they first air on their respective channels (really it's not justification, I promise *fingers crossed*).  I watch many of them on DVR............Nevertheless, you be the judge...AND, what are your "reality" addictions?

Currently I watch the following (but NOT ALL of them when they first air on their respective channels, I said!  I can't watch ALL of them when they come on at the same time!  Bunches are on my DVR.  That's not the same.....):

Celebrity Apprentice
Dancing with the Stars
Amazing Race
The Bachelor/Bachelorette (They don't come on during the same season!!  so get off my back already!)
Project Runway
Models of the Runway (this could be considered part of Project Runway, ya know!)
American Idol (This is Simon's last season...I can quit anytime I want.)
Tabitha's Salon Take-Over (Hair is VERY important!)
Shear Genius
Deadliest Catch (R.I.P. Captain Phil)
Big Brother
Rock of Love
Keeping up with the Kardashians
True Beauty (It's only on during the summers...that's hardly addiction!)
Dirty Jobs
Run's House
Gene Simmons' Family Jewels
Making the Team: Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders (I'm from Texas!  It's my responsibility!)
The Biggest Loser (obesity IS an American epidemic, y'all!)
American Chopper
America's Got Talent (Again...only during summers!)
So You Think You Can Dance (maybe I exercise to this show......maybe not.)
Kitchen Nightmares
Hell's Kitchen (To be fair, I don't cook.  So, maybe this is how I'm learning....)
Scott Baio is 45 & Single (Which he's not now.  I'm not accountable for this one.)
Scott Baio is 45 & Pregnant (Which he's not now.  See above.)
What Not to Wear (This is just good education.)
16 & Pregnant (I make my kids watch this sometimes, again, good education!)
The Real Housewives franchises (These I lump together...they only count as one.  I don't care what you say.)
......and, finally....Hoarders (It's just a good reminder for me to be better at cleaning!)

Maybe a reality show about ME and my reality show addictions is in order................watch your local listings!

What are YOUR reality addictions?  Come on.....you know you've got 'em!

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  1. gurl... put down the remote! ajajajajajajajajajaj!!!!!