Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Formal, Public Even, Apology to the Red Sonata Behind Me...

Lately, Spring has sprung!  The sun has been shining, my toes have been rockin' the flops, and topless is how I've been cruisin'!

What better way to spend a beautiful day, when you live 12 hours from the beach, than to go.........SHOPPING!  So in my ladybug I hop and set off on a mission to find a killer pair of summer wedges, replenish the amazing Lancome mascara (and they are not paying's just that good!), and purchase a little "peace"....Peace sign jewelry is my FAVE!

"Mission Impossible," Sassy would say......NOT this day!!!  Check out my finds!  Not one, but TWO killer pairs of summer wedges!

Feeling ultra pleased with my two new purchases, I head in the direction of my most favorite mascara...and SCORE!  If I wait until the next business day to purchase it, I'll receive a free bag with travel size cosmetics!!  So, yeah!  I waited two more days...I'm just consumer-savvy that way!

Maybe this is the point at which I should tell you that I've spent my entire shopping time rockin' to my iPod....headphones in, volume up and I am rockin' my way through the mall--and the "used-car-attitude" salespeople are unappreciative, to say the least, of me obliviously groovin' my way through their territories while completely not hearing their incessant "May I help you"s....aaaaahhhhhh, musical heaven!

After making my consumer-savvy decision regarding the most excellent mascara in the universe--I'm pretty sure that if Jesus wore mascara, this would be the lovely-lash-luster He would choose--I move on to "Mission Impossible II," TOE RINGS!!!!  S-U-C-C-E-S-S, Claire's is the BEST!!!  Not only did I purchase a totally boss peace sign toe ring, but check out my new piece of staple jewelry......peace, love & FLOWERS!

Lookin' good, feelin' fine, rockin' on through the mall......OMG it's almost 3:00!!!  Time to head to the "carpool line from hell"--as I have come to affectionately refer to it--and I'm back in the Ladybug, top down and headed down the highway to my sweet babies' school....................WHEN THE MOST DISASTROUS EVENT OCCURS!!!!

It is with the humblest of attitudes that I issue this completely heart-felt, public, and formal even, apology to the red Sonata driving behind me on this warm yet blustery day.  I do profusely apologize for the Rhinestone-Studded-Peace-Sign-Earring-Projectile rocketing from my car into your windshield!  I hope your window didn't sustain any chips or cracks and that no one in your vehicle received whiplash as you so violently swerved to avoid the meteoric-sparkler targeting you.  On a side note, just on the off-chance you can do me a solid, would it be possible to get back my earring that just flew out of my ear and into your windshield?? I would be most appreciative. Thank you.

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