Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What's in your basket?

Hello blog-stalkers!

I've just returned from a spirited trip to the Walmart! I unloaded my sacks, and came face to face with my purchases.

I'm a blogging diva, and I just purchased all this stuff, and I'm laughing! I can remember a time when the only thing in my Walmart basket was tampons, Coppertone, and lip gloss.

So, it made me wonder.... what's in your basket?


  1. Guts, acidic fruit--we have got to cleanse after all that red meat last week!--AA batteries (don't ask what for, either!), and transfer paper for dark fabrics...plus a truck load of groceries. Apparently Oma & the kids ate out a bunch!

  2. I must purchase chocolate ice cream, 5 bananas.. no more no less. 1 bottle of caramel sauce for an ice cream party on Thursday. I am sure I won't leave with only those items but that is my list.