Friday, May 21, 2010

THANK YOU, Rhumba!!! It's NOT Just a Ballroom Dance!

A tale of tragedy, loss, suffering, determination, and ultimate joy!

Recently, a devastating event occurred in my fashion accessory life.  I was compelled, by despair...well, and the issue a public & formal apology (I'm certain that my jewelry chest mourned for days after...).

I'm speaking, of course, of the day one of my favorite rhinestone studded peace sign earrings was tragically separated from it's mate, and my ear, while I was cruising, top down, at a stable and safe 65mph.  It crash-landed somewhere along the Marsha Sharp after being deflected off the menacing windshield of an overbearing red Sonata.  *Moment of Silence in memory of said accessory*

For days I lamented my loss.  For days I searched the "information super highway"--although my original can never be replaced--for Sparkly Peace.  Each search came up empty...I do have requirements, ya know.   Standards, one might say.

They must  be at least 1 1/2 to 2 inches in diameter, be truly sparkly, and dangle in a way that each stone catches, gently hugs, then delicately refracts all manners of light.  Standards you see.

On this, my third, and resignedly final, day of searching the good-ole www, I typed in my query (that's Internet talk for "so here's what I need"), and dismally pressed Enter (that's the "NOW SCOOT and go find me what I need" button).  Albeit, my mind said this effort was futile, my desperate hopefulness kept reminding me that one can find ANYTHING online.  Mr. Analytical purchased "skunk odor" for a science fair project for Big, and a friend of ours even found "red fox urine" on Ebay (don't ask...)!  But, I digress.....

Where was I?  Search....Enter.....AH!  Yes.  That, my fantastically bejeweled friends, is when the rhinestone-embellished-pearly-gates of accessory-heaven opened and the radiant beams of a crystal-miracle shown upon my 13 inch gateway to the world!!

Once my blessedly-blinded eyes adjusted, here's the beautiful panacea I beheld:

And the goddess that showered me with sparkly healing affection?  It was none other than the most superlative jewelry-saint...RHUMBA!!!
THANK YOU, RHUMBA!  You are the Jewelry-Mecca that provided the healing balm for my down-trodden accessory collection!  (And, they're not even paying me for the props!  They are just THAT good!)

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  1. Yay Rhumba!!! Love the new Peace earrings and so glad you finally found some! Here's to happy styling ears!! :)